Insignia F30 Review: Great for Streaming, Poor for Gaming

Insignia F30 review

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Our Insignia F30 review goes over the features and performance of this newly released 4K Ultra HD TV. Available in 43, 50, 55, and 65-inches, this television gives you all the features you would expect to find in a modern budget TV and immersive audio at an affordable price.

Let’s jump right into our Insignia F30 review as we go over how this 2021 TV compares to other similarly priced options.

Insignia F30 review: First thoughts

The F30 comes with a simple design that doesn’t particularly stand out. A plastic bezel frames the screen, and the bottom half of the TV is slightly wider than the top. This provides extra stability if you decide to set the television up with the pair of flat feet that come inbuilt. You can also mount the TV to a wall with the 400 x 300 mm VESA mounting holes.

Insignia F30 review

The F30’s design is undoubtedly on the minimalist side, and it’s as wide as three inches at its bottom. Users have more than enough inputs and outputs to connect the TV to other devices like a USB port, 3mm headphone jack, an Ethernet port, RCA composite video inputs, a cable/antenna connector, and three HDMI ports.

The picture quality is excellent with 2160p resolution. You get to enjoy 4K content at over four times the resolution of Full HD. The F30 also upscales content to Ultra-HD quality levels. The TV’s color gamut seems to be on the limited side, though. You’re reminded it’s a budget TV when watching colorful content.

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The F30 comes with Fire TV inbuilt, giving you access to over 500,000 streaming TV shows, documentaries, and movies. It also comes with popular apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

You can operate the TV with voice commands thanks to Alexa voice control. Alexa also allows you to use the television as a hub for other smart devices in your home. You simply hold the voice assistant button on the remote and speak into the mic.


The F30 comes with DTS Studio Sound, which creates immersive and realistic audio. It comes with two speakers that are better than what you would expect to find on a budget TV.


The F30 certainly isn’t going to be a massive hit with gamers. It sucks for that purpose. Its 60Hz refresh rate is far from ideal for starters, and it also has an unreasonable input lag at 109.6 milliseconds. You can cut down on the lagging by turning on the gaming mode feature, which only drops it down to 20 milliseconds. An input lag of about ten milliseconds or less is ideal for gaming. I guess you can say we’re being a bit harsh when it comes to this TV’s ability to handle modern consoles since new systems like the PlayStation 5 cost twice as much as this TV.


  • Great value for a 4K TV
  • HDR capabilities
  • Upscales lower resolution content


  • 60Hz screen refresh rate makes it less than ideal for gaming
  • High input lag
  • The OS can be laggy

Insignia F30 review verdict: Great TV for watching content

You might be a little disappointed with the F30 if you’re a gamer, given the high input lag and 60Hz refresh rate. However, the F30 gives you everything you could possibly want if you’re looking for a budget smart TV to stream content with. You won’t have many complaints if that’s what you plan to use it for. Click here to learn more about this television.

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