Best Projector Screen Material? Silver Ticket STR-169120-G Ultra HD Projection Screen

best projector screen material

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Time to add some cinematic magic to your entertainment system so you’re looking for the best projector screen material that produces crisp images. The Silver Ticket STR-169120 4K UHD is a 120 inch fixed frame, foldable projector screen created by Silver Ticket. If you are looking for a projection screen that is easy to assemble with excellent picture quality, consider the STR-169120. It will not disappoint.


When fully assembled, the STR-169120 measures 109.25 inches wide and 63.5 inches high. Thanks to its slim frame, the viewing size is only slightly smaller than the overall dimensions, at approximately 105 by 59 inches.

Why it has the best projector screen material

The disassembled screen comes in two main parts, the screen material and six separate parts of the frame. The six aluminum pieces of frame are wrapped in black velvet that absorbs stray light.

The projector also ships with frame connectors and wall mounting brackets. Because its frame is made of lightweight metal, the assembled screen only weighs 33 pounds.

Silver Ticket makes their screens with stretch vinyl, not cloth. The material is tailor made to perform as a projection screen. It comes in matte white, grey, woven acoustic and silver. The back of these screens is black, so you can tell which side faces the front.

For ease of installation, the screen comes with pockets at its top and bottom edges. The pockets allow you to run plastic rods through the edges of screen. Once you insert the rods, you use them to attach the screen to the pins that you earlier slid into the frame’s grooves.

These pins stretch the screen out in order to make it completely taut and smooth.

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The Silver Ticket STR-169120 projector screen renders 4K UHD image resolution, with a viewing angle of 160 degrees. The wide angle viewing allows you to enjoy rich colors and sharp images even when you are watching video from the side of the screen.

This display truly puts the ‘theater’ in home theater.


  • The STR-169120 projector screen renders 4K image quality
  • It allows wide screen viewing of up to 160 degrees without loss of picture quality
  • The frame is wrapped in black velvet fabric that absorbs stray light, which gives you a break from the rigors of aligning the projector exactly right
  • Because the extruded aluminum frame contours inward toward the projected image, there will be no shadows to ruin the display
  • It is designed for easy and perfect assembly
  • It is light for its size, thanks to its aluminum frame. Which is why you can get away with mounting it with only two wall brackets


  • Installing the back brace for mid-screen support will give you a brisk workout
  • It is hard to move it from room to room because of its size while it is assembled, but that is the tradeoff you have to make for this impressive display
  • Sometimes you can see right through the screen

You will love everything about this screen

The Silver Ticket 120 inch projector is easy to set up and fun to use. You are bound to impress your guests with its formidable presence and amazing image quality.

Given its performance, the affordable price of the Silver Ticket STR-169120 4K Ultra HD makes it a steal. Click here to learn more about this product or purchase one.


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