LG 24LJ4540 Review: 24 Inch, 720p LED Television

LG 24LJ4540 review

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Our LG 24LJ4540 review will explore all the important things you need to know before buying this television. It’s tiny, but it can meet all your viewing needs. A big selling point of this TV set is its small form, affordable price and crisp picture.

Let’s dive right into our LG 24LJ4540 review and see what else this conveniently compact TV has to offer.

LG 24LJ4540 review part 1: Unboxing and setup

In addition to the TV, the box contains a remote, a TV stand, a power cord and some documentation. Also included is a pair of AA batteries for the remote. You can mount the TV on the wall, thanks to the 75x75mm VESA wall mount pattern. Or you could simply attach the TV stand and have the display sit on a tabletop.

Next, you should power the TV and connect it to an antenna or a cable outlet. That is all you need to do to get the TV running. You can use the automatic tuner in the TV to search for the channels available through your antenna or cable connection.

First looks

The LG 24LJ4540 is 21 inches long and 12 inches high, with a thickness of 2 inches. The compact form of this TV makes it perfect for small spaces in kitchens, bedrooms or dorm rooms. The chassis of this TV is made of good quality, black plastic with a matte finish.

The stand of the LG 24LJ4540 is wide and curves forwards. Not only is it incredibly stable, the stand actually adds to the aesthetic of this TV. The ports of this TV are at the back, right below the 75x75mm VESA wall mounting pattern.

Ports and connectivity

LG 24LJ4540 review

This model is light on ports. It has a power port, a coax connector for antenna/cable, a USB port and an HDMI port. There is no audio jack or composite AV ports on this TV. This severely limits the number of devices that you can connect to the TV at the same time. There is also no Ethernet port or Wi-Fi adapter, which figures since the LG 24LJ4540 has no smart features.

Because of the positioning of the ports, this TV does not lend itself to wall mounting. Putting the TV on the wall will render all the ports inaccessible and to a large extent, unusable.

On the bright side, the HDMI port does have ARC support, which allows you to connect the TV to an external device with HDMI-ARC support. Our LG 24LJ4540 review is just getting started.

Picture quality: Color

The LG 24LJ4540 is an LCD panel with direct LED backlighting. It has a resolution of 720p which is low by 2019 standards, but more than enough to render crystal-clear picture on a 24-inch display.

Each pixel on this display has its choice of the 16.7 million colors available in the sRGB color gamut native to this display. This color gamut is narrow compared to those found in newer LG panels. That being said, the LG 24LJ454 does have a triple XD engine that makes full use of the sRGB color gamut to render rich, accurate, high-fidelity picture that closely matches source input.

Picture quality: Brightness, contrast and sharpness

This display panel has a peak brightness level of 180cd/m2 and a native contrast ratio of 1000:1. This means that the deepest black that this panel displays is one thousand times darker than the brightest-lit white. This, of course, means that the TV has a black level of 0.18cd/m2.

So, how do these numbers help with picture quality? They provide the TV with enough native contrast to render sharp, detailed picture that looks true to life.

Input lag and motion handling

The LG 24LJ454 has an impressive response time of only 14ms. This means no motion blur, no motion flicker or ghost images.

If you have a gaming console that has a compatible HDMI port, you’ll enjoy playing games on this television.

The 60Hz native refresh rate of this TV means that you are limited in the type of games that you can play. Intensive games demand more resources, so you may notice some lag or freezing if you choose to play large games on this screen.


The LG 24LJ454 has a pair of inbuilt 3-watt speakers. They have passable sound quality in a small room, but they will fall short in a larger room. One major downside of this TV is the lack of an audio port for external speakers.

In the end, you will have to settle for the internal speakers just as they are. We’ll wrap up this LG 24LJ4540 review by going over the most impressive and not so impressive features of this TV.

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  • The compact build of the LG 24LJ4540 allows this display to take up minimal space, making it ideal as a secondary TV for a bedroom or kitchen
  • Because of its small screen size, the panel’s resolution of 720p allows it to render sharp, high-fidelity pictures
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Affordable
  • Easy setup
  • Fast response time with very little input lag
  • Anti-glare surface to prevent reflection of ambient light
  • The HDMI port has ARC capability
  • Extremely low energy cost. Only adds about $4 to your energy bill each year


  • Few ports limit the number of external devices that you can connect at the same time
  • This screen only has a single HDMI port. Luckily, the port has ARC capability
  • The sound quality of the internal speakers could be better
  • There is no audio jack with which to connect external speakers
  • No smart features and no Wi-Fi capabilities

LG 24LJ4540 review verdict: As a secondary TV, it gets the job done

LG makes television displays with great picture quality, and the 24LJ4540 720p 24-inch LED TV is no exception. That said, this TV set lacks the basic features that we have come to expect in a standard television.

But what this TV does, it does perfectly. It is the perfect companion in the bedroom, kitchen, dorm, or a typical gaming setup. In a limited space, the 24LJ4540 renders good sound and great picture, while occupying as small a surface as possible.

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