How to Set up Alexa Echo: A Look at Amazon’s 2nd Generation Smart Speaker

how to set up alexa echo

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Never thought you would find yourself wondering how to set up Alexa Echo? Remember a time when the only people who yelled at speakers were weirdos?

Well, it’s now cool to yell at your speakers. It’s actually quite posh.

When Amazon created the very first model of the Echo smart speaker for Amazon Prime members, they ushered us into the era of household items that can talk back and follow our instructions (for the most part).

Amazon has since created a second generation of the Echo, and it was made available to anyone that wanted one. Famously known as the Amazon Echo 2, this smart speaker acts as a convenient, voice-driven, user interface for Alexa.

Just how well does it work?

how to set up alexa echo

How to set up Alexa Echo part 1: Introducing the Amazon Echo 2nd Generation

This nice-looking smart speaker comes in the shape of a cylinder, like the original Echo speaker. That is where the similarities end.

The original Echo has a hard, sharp look that makes it seem like something that belongs in the living quarters of an alien spacecraft. The Echo 2 is shorter, wider and lined with textured fabric that allows it to blend with the upholstery,

The top of this speaker has a mute button, an activation button and two volume buttons that are a little hard to press. The volume control dial is now gone, and it shall be missed. At the back of the speaker, you will find an audio jack and a power port.

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Setting up the Amazon Echo 2

To get the Echo 2 working, plug it in, press the activation button and start the Alexa app on your phone or some other connected device. Pair Alexa to the speaker and let the dialogue boxes lead the way.

The Echo 2 will find the Wi-Fi network and all the compatible devices connected to the network, which will allow you to use the Echo as a smart home hub.


The sound quality of the Echo 2 is quite good. It is better than the audio output of the Echo Dot’s internal speakers. Amazon incorporated Dolby sound into the Echo 2, so you can hear it clear across the room. You can use this smart speaker to comfortably listen to your audiobooks and podcasts.

Amazon has also improved its far-field microphone technology to allow the Echo 2 to hear voice commands from some distance. The microphones will also pick up voice commands in a room that has a moderate level of ambient noise.

While they were upgrading the Echo’s features, Amazon’s designers also added a temperature sensor to act as an in-built thermometer.

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The Echo 2 is a smart home assistant, so it performs all the tasks that Alexa can. It will access all your streaming services to play you the kind of music you tell it to. It will read you the news and give weather updates.

With the Echo 2, you can make calls through the landline. You can connect to external speakers when you want to listen to music through the home entertainment system. This smart speaker will also act as a controller or hub for compatible smart home devices.

Thanks to the ‘Alexa routines’ feature, you can create a batch of tasks that Alexa will perform when you mention a pre-set phrase of your choosing.


  • The Echo 2 can detect a voice command from some distance or when there is moderate noise
  • The ‘Alexa routine’ feature is extremely convenient
  • The speakers are designed to blend into a room
  • The Echo 2 makes a great smart home device hub


  • It is not compatible with some smart home devices, especially those that connect with Z-Wave Wi-Fi
  • Once you control a device with the Echo 2, chances are you will no longer be able to control it with its own software
  • The Echo 2 will not connect to devices that are more than 60 feet away

It has good sound quality compared with other Echo smart speakers

The Echo 2 has a great design and a good audio system. Its audio output is also good enough for you to listen to a podcast or an audiobook. It is a good option if you want something louder than the Echo Dot.

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