Amazon Echo Spot Review 2019: Beauty and Function

amazon echo spot reviews 2019

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Our Amazon Echo Spot review in 2019 left us rather impressed. Imagine if the Echo Dot was made with a display. That is what the Amazon Echo Spot looks like, except that it is really a smaller version of the Echo Show. So does this beautiful little gadget work as great as it looks?

Amazon Echo Spot Review 2019: The design

amazon echo spot review 2019

The Echo Spot is a smart speaker with a circular display that measures 2.5 inches in diameter. Its back is perfectly curved with a flat base, so the whole device looks like an orange that was sliced near the top and at the bottom. Kind of like a spherical alarm clock.

You will find the volume and mute buttons at the top of the speaker. The rounded back of the Echo Spot houses four far-field microphones and a 1.4″ speaker. At the very bottom of the back end, there is an audio jack and a power port.

The device is housed in a sleek, shiny plastic casing that comes in black or white.


Because the Echo Spot comes with Alexa, you can use voice commands to play music, get traffic and weather updates, play video, or have all your burning questions answered. It one of the features we ran into during our Amazon Echo Spot review which was done early 2019.

With Alexa, the Echo Spot also acts as a smart home hub that controls any compatible devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network. It can control smart bulbs and other security devices. Alexa will also set alarms and reminders when you ask her to.

The display of the Echo Spot is a touch screen that works like the screen on a smartphone. You can use the screen to watch a video from installed apps, display a clock, or even make a video call.

The camera on the Echo Spot facilitates video calls and allows the screen to brighten and dim depending on the ambient light in the room.

As for the audio, it sounds much better than the output from the Echo Dot, so you can enjoy music that has fairly good sound quality. If you want even better sound, you can always connect external speakers to the Echo Spot.

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  • You can put the alarm on snooze with a voice command
  • Alexa will give you the weather right when you wake up, so you will know how to dress for the day
  • It has a beautiful design
  • It has a display with good image quality


  • The device makes a great alarm clock, but the camera will raise privacy concerns for some people
  • The round screen is not the best display for video output as it will crop video
  • It has no USB port
  • There is no YouTube app, so watching YouTube will be a hassle

Is it a good gadget to have?

The Echo Spot makes for a cute little alarm clock with useful features. Its compact size allows it to occupy very little space on bedside furniture or a kitchen counter. The far field speakers allow Alexa to hear you as you move around a room while doing chores or preparing for the day.

It makes a good alarm clock and a good companion as you go through your day. Click here to learn more about the Echo Spot or purchase one.



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