Sharp TV Reviews: What Buyers Should Know

sharp tv reviews

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Reading Sharp TV reviews reveals that this is one of the best brands for budget-conscious consumers. Fortunately, the quality is a bonus, and the televisions have a lot of decent features on the menu. Sharp TV is the go-to brand for anyone who wants to enjoy quality viewing without spending too much money on all the possible specifications and trimmings.

Sharp televisions do not have any of the extras in other name brand TVs. You are unlikely to get fancy 3D technology, HDR or even quantum color like in top-shelf models from companies such as Sony and Vizio. However, these televisions are very solid performers and are ideal for people who want to save money and do not use any of these fancy features.

Sharp produced TVs for the U.S.A market up to 2015, before selling their North American production plant to Hisense. Let’s jump right into our Sharp TV reviews.

Key features

The key features of Sharp televisions include:

  1. SmartCentral

This is a Sharp smart television platform that is found in the more price-friendly models. It is a very basic platform with no complex features, motion controls or 3D. It does not come with an Android interface, though it has built-in media apps such as YouTube, Netflix and Vudu. Unfortunately, broader web browsing can be very limited, and some Sharp TV reviews claim that it is not very user-friendly.

Consumers can use basic button remote to manage and control SmartCentral. Unfortunately, this basic remote does not have a numeric keypad, motion controls or a mouse pointer. Therefore, users have to contend without any of the fancy features that are increasingly present in name brand televisions.

  1. Android TV

This is a SmartCentral addition that’s available in mid-range and premium-range models such as UE30U and UH30U. It is a notable improvement from the very basic SmartCentral platform, as it offers better functionality and access to apps. It is also very user-friendly, and consumers have access to navigation features and streaming media apps. Since Android TV is a Google Smart platform, consumers also enjoy access to Google Cast and Google Play Games.

Unlike the simple remote that comes with SmartCentral, models that have Android TV have a better Sharp Smart remote that has more fancy features.

  1. Revelation upscaler

This is one of Sharp’s most popular features across the board, whether a consumer has a budget-friendly television or premium models. This upscaling technology ensures non-4K content looks better and sharper on 4K televisions than it would in a normal HDTV. The feature works by using special algorithms to expand the non-4K content across the extra pixels.

This is one of the features that Sharp truly got right, as 720p, SD and Full HD content upscales perfectly, especially if the original content producers mastered it properly.

  1. SPECTROS rich color display

This feature is only found in the more expensive Sharp models and helps enhance color and realism. Spectros does not use quantum dot technology like other top-shelf brands, but it offers quality realism and vibrancy, especially under the ‘THX mode’.

  1. AquoMotion

This is motion processing technology that artificially inflates the native refresh rate of the television screen. Sharp has Aquomotion 240, 480 and 960. Aquomotion 960 is only available in premium brands and makes watching fast-paced video entertainment or sports a lot more fun. Toying with these made our Sharp TV reviews fun.

  1. AquoDimming

This is contrast enhancing technology that is available in the mid-range and premium models. This technology works by using the television’s digital processing to enhance contrast on the screen. Unfortunately, it is not as effective as dimming features on other top-shelf brands that deactivate individual LEDs or direct backlights for higher contrast.

AquoDimming works quite well in premium brands because these modes have quite a number of dimming zones. Unfortunately, the lower end models do not have this feature.

Display characteristics

The display quality is actually quite good for the price. The color palettes and contrast are decent, and the Revelation Upscaler helps sharpen non-4K content for better quality viewing.

In terms of color, Sharp televisions perform very well. The budget-friendly options have a decent level of color gamut, while the premium models feature Spectros technology for better quality.


Sharp televisions have numerous USB and HDMI 2.0 ports. All 4K televisions also have HVEC for video sources such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. Unfortunately, these TV’s do not have VP9, which means consumers cannot get YouTube 4K video content.

Mid-range and premium models offer web browsing through Android TV platform and it works just as well as in other top-shelf brands.

Price analysis

One of the most popular factors about these televisions, according to Sharp TV reviews, is the unbeatable price. Even the premium models that feature all the fancy features retail at a few thousand pounds. However, this company has plenty of more affordable options that cost as little as $500. All the other Sharp TV brands sell for prices between these two extremes.

How does Sharp TV compare to other brands?

Overall, our Sharp TV reviews revealed that mid-range and premium models can compete favorably with low-priced and mid-range models from other brands. However, even the best Sharp TV cannot compare to any of the premium televisions in top-shelf brands such as Sony and Samsung. Fortunately, Sharp TVs are a lot cheaper and offer great value for money.

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Advantages of Sharp televisions

  • Quality color saturation
  • Superb contrast in all models
  • Superior upscaling engine
  • Android TV works very well
  • Solid connectivity, though low-priced brands lack web browsing
  • Very affordable even for larger screens

Disadvantages of Sharp televisions

  • The dimming technology is subpar
  • The button remote control is of low quality
  • No model has HDR technology
  • There is no enhanced color for wider color gamut
  • SmartCentral in low-priced brands has limited functionality

Wrapping up Sharp TV reviews

Do you want an affordable television without all the fancy bells and whistles? Get a Sharp TV and enjoy excellent viewing quality and all the basic features at a very competitive price. Read what owners of this TV have to say about it.

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