TCL 58S470G TV Review: Good Value For Money

TCL 58S470G TV review

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Finding a TCL 58S470G TV review is not the easiest task in 2023, but we’re here to help. You’re looking at a review that goes over the features and overall performance of the TCL S470G series. This review gives a general idea of what to expect from entry-level 4K widescreens from TCL.

Our first order of business is to figure out the naming system that TCL uses for each year’s lineup.

TCL 58S470G TV review: Decoding TCL product codes from one year to the next

TV manufacturers use a sequence of numbers and letters to categorize and identify different product lines. The resulting product codes usually carry the following information:

  • Year of release
  • Type of panel (could be LCD, LCD-QLED, or OLED)
  • Whether a specific product line sits in the entry-level, mid-range, or premium market segment

Lastly, the product code will show the screen size of a product. Companies like TCL will also use their product codes to indicate the operating system that a certain smart TV runs on. The TV we’re reviewing now has a G at the end of its product code, which means that it runs Google OS. A code that ends with R would belong to a Roku TV with slightly different features.

TCL 58S470G TV review

Some TV manufacturers make arrangements with specific retailers and warehouse clubs like Costco. In such cases, the manufacturer will create a product code that indicates the outlet that sells the TV. The manufacturer and the seller will often offer a few perks that are absent in similar panels sold by other retailers. In the next section, we see why this information matters when reviewing the 2023 iteration of the TCL S4 series.

Introducing the 2023 releases of the TCL S4 series 

TCL uses a complex system for their entry-level 4K televisions, with the only constant being the S4 designation. 2020 releases have the S435 product code, while the 2021 product line has the S445 and S446 codes. TCL uses the S455 code for its 2022 releases, and this is where the naming system loses its consistency.

Retailers like Amazon now stock the TCL S450G from 2023, while select sellers offer a slightly different model. Wholesale clubs like Costco and BJ’s offer the TCL S470G, which has plenty in common with the S450G. However, the S470G has perks and differences like:

  • A wider color gamut
  • Different arrangements of internal speakers
  • The S470G comes with a free HDMI cable
  • A three-year warranty

With the introduction out of the way, we look at what the TCL S470 has to offer. Here’s what to expect from a 58-inch 4K widescreen that costs less than $500.

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TCL 58S470G TV review: Build and design

The S470G has a bezel-free screen and metallic edges that frame the display on all sides. These small but visible design choices add an edgy touch to a simple chassis.

Placing the TCL S470G on an entertainment stand gives you easy access to the ports on the back panel. For this setup, you’ll need a surface that’s at least 55 inches long and 15 inches deep. This should be enough to accommodate the footprint of the TV feet.

You could also mount the TV with a wall bracket that matches the 200×200 VESA pattern at the back. The wall-mount setup will make it harder for you to reach the side-facing and rear-facing ports. All ports sit right at the center of the back panel, forcing you to strike interesting poses as you connect a device.

Controls, ports, and wireless connectivity

There’s a single, multi-purpose button on the bottom edge of the TV, near the status light. Holding down this button will power off or switch on the TV. Pressing the button briefly launches a long menu that allows you to operate the S470G in case you lose the remote.

Three side-facing HDMI ports sit in a column that you can access from the right side of the screen. One of the three ports has eARC capability for audio passthrough between connected devices. All three ports support every HDR format, as well as most DTS and Dolby audio formats. They also support high-resolution content with a maximum frame rate of 60fps.

You also have your pick of the following input/output connections:

  • An optical digital audio output
  • One USB 2.0 port
  • A composite AV input port
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Antenna/cable connector

Lastly, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity will offer wireless links that allow you to minimize the number of cables running through your entertainment nook.

Smart TV platform: Google TV

Google TV is an easy interface to learn and navigate, especially for Android users. The platform offers a large selection of tools and streaming apps, courtesy of the Google PlayStore. You also get the option to link the S470G with compatible smart home devices. 

Chromecast allows you to cast content from your devices directly onto the TV. Google Assistant and Alexa are also available if you like using voice commands to operate the TV.

TCL 58S470G TV review: Reliability and lifespan

TCL secures its market dominance by offering affordable TVs with good features and solid performance. For most shoppers, the company’s deals almost seem too good to be true. So, how does TCL sell a widescreen like the 58-inch S470G for less than $500? Does the company cut corners on hardware to create glitchy TVs with a short lifespan? TCL would have you know that the answer is a definite no, and here’s their secret.

Because TCL manufactures many of the components that go into their TVs, they can keep their costs low. This explains the compelling prices that come with few tradeoffs.

Expect the average TCL TV to have a lifespan that’s comparable to that of most modern displays. You should get 100,000 hours of service, give or take. This means that if you use the TV for eight hours each day, the panel should last anywhere from five to seven years. In practice, moderate use and good care will see the TV last even longer. 

As for reliability, TCL TV sets deliver solid performance, a stable user interface, and a selection of useful features. To put it simply, the odds of you buying a glitchy TV are pretty low.

TCL S470G: External and internal hardware

The metal and plastic chassis of the S470G is sturdy enough to keep the panel going for a long time. It houses a 60Hz VA panel with 4K resolution, direct backlighting, and a wide color gamut. The chassis also houses a pair of oval, downward-firing speakers that do their best to mimic surround sound. You’ll be surprised how loud the sound is, but a soundbar is still necessary if you like some bass in your audio.

Like most models in the S4 series, the TCL 470G is bright enough to deliver brilliant HDR highlights. The TV also gets dark enough to allow for stark contrast and an impressive level of detail.

TCL 58S470G TV review: Picture quality

A wide color gamut and a bright backlight allow the S470G to render life-like images with realistic color saturation. Colors look rich when they are supposed to be rich and less intense when the source material requires less saturation. The TV is also bright enough to execute nuance in hues that are close together on the color spectrum.

Brightness, reflections, uniformity, and contrast

While the backlight is bright enough for HDR content, it doesn’t fully compensate for poor reflection handling. You will also notice slight light bleed through along the edges of the TV. At the same time, the TV does an excellent job of keeping light blooms to a minimum.

For the most part, the screen is uniform, so field sports and content with large sections of uniform color look good. There’s no noticeable dirty-screen effect with the S470.

The TCL S470G gets very dark, allowing it to deliver impressive contrast. This translates to fine detail, good execution of depth, and texture that pops off the screen.

Viewing angles

Off-angle viewing on the S470G has the typical dimming, color shift, and loss of detail you’d expect from a VA panel. You’ll need to create an inventive seating plan whenever you host movie nights.

Motion handling and gaming

Quick pixels and low input lag allow the S470G to execute smooth motion with little blurring. Solid motion handling means that the panel can handle most fast-paced video and gaming titles you throw at it.

Gamers will also appreciate the detailed, high-resolution graphics that the TV renders. The visuals look especially good with 4K/60fps content, which makes the TCL S470 a decent gaming screen. 

It’s worth mentioning that the screen only offers basic gaming features and lacks support for 1440p content.


  • Wide color gamut
  • Bright TV that delivers realistic HDR content
  • Decent gaming features


  • You will notice some glare when watching this TV in a bright room
  • The Google TV platform can grow bulky, which can result in eventual lagging
  • Poor off-angle viewing
  • You may notice some backlight bleed around the edges

TCL 58S470G TV review verdict: A good display for movies, TV shows, sports, and gaming

This TCL 58S470G TV review reveals a TV that has plenty to offer at an unbeatable price. The panel will meet your expectations in many ways. If you’re looking for an affordable smart TV with good image quality, the 58-inch TCL S470G is worth a look. Click here to learn more about this television.

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