How to Set up Alexa Echo: A Look at Amazon’s 2nd Generation Smart Speaker

how to set up alexa echo

Never thought you would find yourself wondering how to set up Alexa Echo? Remember a time when the only people who yelled at speakers were weirdos? Well, it’s now cool to yell at your speakers. It’s actually quite posh. When Amazon created the very first model of the Echo smart speaker for Amazon Prime members, … Read more

Why and Where to Buy the Echo Dot 2: Review of Amazon’s Smart Speaker

where to buy echo dot

If you find yourself wondering where to buy the Echo Dot 2 or if there is an Alexa app for the Echo, you have come to the right place. The Amazon Echo Dot 2 is the middle child in its product line and it is way smaller than its big brother. It actually looks like … Read more

What is a Fire TV Stick? Review of Amazon’s Streaming Gem

what is a fire tv stick

There are so many people wondering what is a Fire TV Stick, but the real question they want to be answered is can great performance really fit in the palm of your hand? It seems like miniaturization is still a thing, even as our TV screens get bigger. Amazon now has a line of compact … Read more

What is a Fire Stick? A Review of the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

what is a fire stick

If you are one of those stumbling about wondering what is a fire stick, you have come to the right place. The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is a glimpse into a future of pocket-sized set-top boxes. Its diminutive frame houses a host of powerful features. This TV stick will be best known for its … Read more

LG 65-Inch TV 4K OLED65C8PUA OLED Review


The LG 65-inch TV 4K OLED65C8PUA OLED is the latest addition to the brand’s lineup. For the past four years, the superior performance of the LG televisions has dominated the 4K UHD niche. Unsurprisingly, LG beat the competition with their 2018 version of the 65-inch Ultra HD OLED65C8PUA model. Organic LED technology may sound like … Read more

Sony 85-inch TV XBR85X850F Ultra 4K HD: Is It Too Big to Succeed?

Sony 85-inch TV XBR85X850F Ultra 4K HD

Can a television as big as the Sony 85-inch TV XBR85X850F Ultra HD TV have high picture quality? Sony decided to give it a try. The result was the X850F, an 85-inch UHD TV that Sony brought to market in early 2018. The model is part of a mid-tier product range of large screen TV’s. … Read more

Best TV on the Market: Samsung MU7500 Curved 65-Inch ultra HD TV Review

best tv on the market

Every found yourself wondering what is the best TV on the market or what is the best television to buy? The Samsung Ultra HD TV is part of the ongoing shift from HD televisions. The emergence of Ultra HD televisions has increased screen resolution from the 1,920 x 1,080 pixels of the traditional HD screen … Read more

What is the Best Television to Buy? TCL TV Review

what is the best television to buy

When it comes to the tireless question, ‘what is the best television to buy?” based on our TCL TV reviews, the misguided belief that the very best televisions are reserved for people who can pay an arm and a leg for them has been squashed. While there are a lot of top-shelf brands that manufacture … Read more