Alienware M15 R1 Review: Everything a Gaming Laptop Should be

Alienware M15 R1 review

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Our Alienware M15 R1 review explores if this gaming laptop delivers the incredible gaming experience its manufacturers promised. The M15 comes with a 15” FHD screen and it is powered by a NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics card that delivers smooth FHD 240Hz gameplay. Let’s jump right into our Alienware M15 R1 review to find out just how well this laptop handles day-to-day activities and some of the more popular resource-intense games.

Alienware M15 R1 review: First thoughts

The M15 comes with all the essentials you would expect to find in a gaming laptop. It’s a lightweight laptop, coming in at 4.78 pounds. The M15 is powered by an 8th generation Intel Core i7-8750H CPU with 9MB cache, 6 cores, and up to 4.1GHz processing power with the option for a turbo boost. You will notice this processing speed as soon as you turn this laptop on. Startup is blazing fast and programs virtually open up as soon as you click them. That alone makes the M15 a great option for those who hate waiting for their computer to load.

Alienware M15 R1 review

It comes with 16GB of RAM, a GTX 1060 graphics card with 6GB GDDR5, 128GB SSD, and 1TB SSHD. The laptop comes with Windows 10 installed. Other cool features that come with the M15 include:

  • Eyesafe display feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions
  • Alienware Cryo Tech technology to optimize cooling of components
  • Dual intake and dual exhaust cooling system for improved heat management
  • Load balancing heat pipes

The M15 is available in colors like nebula red, satin finish, or epic silver. It has that gaming laptop look to it, with the Alienware logo prominently displayed.

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One of the most impressive things we noticed during our review was how easy it is to upgrade components that come with this laptop. That’s something gamers will like given the constant evolution of the niche. The resource needs have consistently gone up as video games have become more detailed, complex, and life-like.

Owners of the M15 won’t have any problems keeping up with their favorite games. The graphics Amplifier that comes standard supports next-generation AMD and NVIDIA cards like the MSI Ventus 3080.


  • One of the lightest gaming laptops around at under 5lbs
  • Great battery life. Can last up to four hours with intense use
  • Quiet processor and cooling fan
  • Smooth play for games like Battlefield, World of Warcraft, Star Wars BFII, Doom at max graphics and full FPS


  • Earlier versions had some manufacturing issues

Alienware M15 R1 review verdict: Not bad for the price

The M15 gives you all you need for gaming and video editing, but it’s not much different than any other gaming laptop sold at a similar price when it comes to performance. It is designed to be easy to upgrade, so you won’t need to get another laptop for a while after getting this. You can simply upgrade components as better ones are developed. Click here to learn more about this gaming laptop.

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