Why and Where to Buy the Echo Dot 2: Review of Amazon’s Smart Speaker

where to buy echo dot

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If you find yourself wondering where to buy the Echo Dot 2 or if there is an Alexa app for the Echo, you have come to the right place. The Amazon Echo Dot 2 is the middle child in its product line and it is way smaller than its big brother. It actually looks like the topmost part of its predecessor was sawed off and used to make a new speaker. Though it may seem like its small form is a limitation, the sound quality and features of the Dot 2 are quite good.

This smart speaker is a good starting point for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the world of smart home devices.

Where to buy the Echo Dot 2: Part 1


where to buy echo dot

The Dot 2 is shaped like a hockey puck, and it is almost the same size as one. It is about one and a half inches high, with the same diameter as the Amazon Echo. Thanks to its size, you can tuck the Echo Dot 2 into any nook that is within reach of a power outlet (as long as it can hear you).

This smart speaker has a sleek plastic casing that comes in black, chrome or white. At the top of the speaker, you will find the volume buttons, the activation button and the mute button. At its rear, you will find a USB power port and a 3.5mm audio port.

The bottom surface of the Dot2 has a rough silicon coating that allows it to grip whatever surface it sits on.

Getting started with the Alexa app for Echo Dot 2

Setup is fairly simple. Once you power the smart speaker press the activation button, Alexa will tell you that she is in setup mode. The lights that ring the speaker will be orange. Using the Alexa app on your phone or PC, you can connect to the Dot 2 and finish the setup process in minutes.

When setup is done, the status lights will turn blue.

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The main purpose of the Echo Dot 2 is to be the ears and mouth of Alexa in the home, and this smart speaker does its job. Once the Dot 2 discovers the other smart home devices in its network, it becomes able to perform smart home tasks on voice command or on a schedule.

With Alexa, the Echo Dot can control compatible lighting, security and entertainment devices in the home. It can give weather and traffic updates as well as reminders. When you are in the mood for music, the Echo Dot will play audio through its inbuilt speakers (which are not the best, to be honest) or through external speakers.

Thanks to Alexa’s Drop-In feature, the Echo Dot can be used as a PA or intercom system that allows a person to talk to people in other rooms that have smart speakers. This Drop-In feature is also useful when you need to make a voice call while doing some other task.

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Where to buy the Echo Dot 2: Part 2


Alexa app for Echo Dot 2 gives access to many streaming services like Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn. With time, the Dot2 will learn your taste in music and other content and create a playlist that is totally you.

What is more, when it is connected to an audio output, the sound quality of the Dot 2 is quite good. This smart speaker is also responsive to voice commands from a moderate distance, and even with a little ambient noise.


  • Alexa makes the Dot 2 a useful home assistant
  • The Echo Dot 2 can function as the control hub for compatible smart home devices
  • It is affordable
  • It is also conveniently small


  • The Echo Dot 2 has no allowance for digital audio output (like Chromecast)
  • You cannot switch from Bluetooth speakers to wired ones via voice command; you have to do it by hand
  • The sound quality of the inbuilt speaker is not suited to a great audio experience. It is best to use external speakers when you need great sound

Is the Amazon Echo Dot 2 a good purchase?

With each iteration of the Echo Dot, Amazon improves the sound quality and the responsiveness of their smart speakers. The Echo Dot 2 is a good buy, especially if you are just starting the process of integrating your smart home devices.

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