Best 65 Inch TV Under 1000: Top 3 Models That Give Excellent Value for Money

best 65 inch TV under 1000

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Finding the best 65 inch TV under 1000 requires you to wade through the prices and specifications of dozens of TVs. Luckily, you’re looking at a ranking that cuts through a mountain of data to create a shortlist. The next section explains how we came up with our top picks.

Best 65 inch TV under 1000: The delicate balance between price and performance

We’re in an era where you can find a feature-rich 4K widescreen for a few hundred dollars. This means that an hour of research can uncover several displays with great picture quality and a powerful smart TV platform. With a little extra effort, you could even find an affordable TV that gives years of solid, reliable performance.

Our ranking of the best 65-inch TVs under $1000 evaluates TV sets based on price, picture quality, smart features, and longevity. All three TVs on the list carry logos from the most famous brands in home electronics. Here’s our ranking of solid 65-inch performers for under $1,000:

Reviewer favorite: Sony Bravia X80K

At the top of our rankings sits the Bravia X80K, which is Sony’s entry-level 4K display from 2022. A little legwork can uncover deals that offer the 65-inch model for around $700.

The X80K is a Google TV that leverages a 60Hz IPS panel to deliver wide viewing angles and good picture quality. In addition to decent off-angle viewing, the IPS panel that powers the X80K does near-perfect color reproduction. However, the average IPS panel has limitations when it comes to brightness, black levels, and contrast. The Sony Bravia X80K tries to beat these limitations with some measure of success.

best 65 inch TV under 1000

Sony Bravia X80K: Image quality

Sony’s entry-level 4K processor harnesses the capabilities of the X80K panel to create beautiful, lifelike images. Accurate color reproduction and tone mapping deliver colors that match real-life hues and skin tones. 

Brightness, black levels, contrast, and detail

The panel’s native contrast is lower than we’d like but Sony’s X1 processor steps in to weave some digital magic.

Using its circuitry and software, the X1 HDR processor boosts the panel’s contrast by enhancing bright highlights in pinpoint regions of an image. This type of digital image processing compensates for the high black levels and relative dimness of the X80K.

By processing small sections of an image in isolation, the Sony X80K executes precise depth, texture, and fine detail. The results are impressive when you consider that the X80K lacks local dimming.

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Sony Bravia X80K: Motion handling

Low lag and a reasonable response time allow the X80K to render smooth motion for most content. Fast-action content may show some trailing, especially with dark objects flying across a bright background. This little setback doesn’t stop the TV from doing a good job with sports and other fast-paced videos.

Gaming with the X80K can be enjoyable, thanks to low input lag and the panel’s 60Hz refresh rate. The TV handles resource-intensive game titles by rendering crisp graphics and fine detail that catches the eye. High-resolution frames render at speeds that allow you to counter whatever the game and your opponents throw at you.

Sony Bravia X80K: Hardware, build quality and lifespan

Sony has a reputation for durable hardware that pretty much guarantees years of solid performance. The sturdy chassis of the X80K houses an IPS panel with good screen uniformity and little chance of burn-in.  We expect the rest of the internal hardware to deliver:

  • Ports that hold their connections without incident
  • Stable wireless connections
  • Consistency in all aspects of picture quality, even after thousands of viewing hours
  • A responsive interface that reacts quickly to user commands

To put it another way, the X80K should deliver years and years of drama-free service. This promise of quality and longevity is a major reason why Sony TVs cost more than similar models from upcoming brands.

Sony Bravia X80K: Smart features

Google TV comes with a wealth of apps, smart home features, and convenient tools.  The platform supports voice commands with Google Assistant and devices that carry Alexa. Chromecast and Apple Airplay allow you to cast content from your devices directly onto the screen of the X80K.

The only downside of the Google platform is intrusive ads and recommendations that take up space that your favorite apps should occupy. You also need to keep an eye out for bloatware that could slow down the OS with each software update.

Sony Bravia X80K verdict: Reliable 4K TV at a reasonable price

With the X80K, you get an affordable 4K widescreen with good picture quality and a wealth of smart features. More importantly, you get to lean on the Sony brand and its reputation for building TVs that last. Click here to learn more about this television.

Best 65 inch TV under 1000: A small price hike and a big performance boost with the Sony X85K

best 65 inch TV under 1000

The X85K is the mid-range version of the X80K; meaning that you pay more for extra perks. For a small premium, the Sony Bravia X85K offers:

  • A 4K VA panel with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • Decent peak brightness and black levels that allow the TV to render vivid HDR content
  • Effective reflection handling
  • Low input lag and responsive pixels that deliver smooth, blur-free motion
  • HDMI 2.1 bandwidth that handles high-resolution, high frame-rate content like 4K/120 game titles
  • Variable refresh rate, which makes the Sony X85K fully compatible with Xbox Series X and PS5
  • A wide color gamut with good coverage of most color space standards

Sony’s X1 processor uses the native abilities of the X85K to create beautiful video content. Color reproduction, detail, and image sharpness look like the output of a far more expensive screen. The butter-smooth motion of the panel makes this TV ideal for gaming, motorsports, and other fast-action content.

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An action sequence that involves a car chase is a great way to put the X85K through its paces. You could also take in the high-resolution excellence of the TV with stunning visuals from a nature show, or a period piece like The Great Gatsby.

Sony Bravia X85K: Bells and whistles

Google TV comes with Google Assistant, support for Alexa, and a large catalog of streaming apps. The platform lets you share content from your device to the screen via Chromecast and Apple Airplay. There’s little that’s missing from Google TV and it’s up to you to find the limits of this Android-based OS.

Sony Bravia X85K: Lifespan

Most Sony TV sets carry high-quality hardware components housed in sturdy chassis. The result is a solid build that ensures years of reliable performance from your average Sony TV. Going by what we’ve seen so far, the Sony Bravia X85K is no exception to the rule.

Sony Bravia X85K verdict: Good performance all around

The X85K is a good choice for the person who wants an immersive viewing experience without completely breaking the bank. This mid-range TV balances pricing and premium picture quality to give you a taste of two worlds. Click here to learn more about this television.

Best 65 inch TV under 1000: Covering the basics with the Samsung TU7000

best 65 inch TV under 1000

You may have to do a little legwork to get your hands on the 65-inch Samsung TU7000. 

This entry-level smart TV from 2020 offers basic features on a budget, with mixed results. Here’s what you get with the 2020 version of the Samsung 7-series:


The TU7000 is a VA panel that renders the kind of perfect, velvet-black hues you’d find on a high-end screen. You also get impressive contrast levels and good motion handling that makes fast-moving content look smooth.

On the other hand, the T7000 has a narrow color gamut and a peak brightness level that could be better. However, none of these drawbacks have a big effect on overall picture quality.

Picture quality and motion handling

Impressive native contrast allows the TU7000 to deliver depth and texture that draw your eyes right into the screen. The panel also renders color that is precise and realistic, with enough nuance to show the difference between two near-identical colors. All this translates to beautiful images that showcase details that would be easy to miss on TVs with less contrast.

Low input lag and a decent response time give you mostly smooth motion. You may notice slight trailing as dark objects move across brighter sections of an image.

Smart features

The Tizen OS that runs on the TU7000 comes with an adequate app selection and basic integration for many smart home devices.

Samsung TU7000 verdict: Keeping it simple with good performance

Everything you need in a basic TV is available in the Samsung 7 series from 2020. The best part is that you don’t even have to spend much on this stylish 65-inch 4K smart TV. Click here to learn more about this television.

Best 65 inch TV under 1000 verdict: Powerful, durable displays at great prices

This top-3 ranking of the best 65 inch TV under $1000 shows that it’s possible to have your figurative cake and eat it. All it takes is a little effort and a little time to find a feature-rich, 4K TV that’s gentle on the wallet.

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