Element TV Review 2020: Things You Should Know Before Buying One

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While conducting our Element TV review, we quickly realized this is a television manufacturer that is focused on providing quality viewing experiences at affordable prices. The popularity of this brand continues to grow around the world, and for many good reasons. There is no budget that is too tight for a quality Element TV with prices as low as $68.

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That’s not a typo, you can literally get a 19-inch Element television for that price. Element also offers some of the more affordable smart TVs out there with prices starting at around $180. Take a good look at this manufacturer’s lineup, and you will find something that suits your specific needs from the collection of LEDs, LCDs, and Smart TVs.

Element televisions are available in a wide range of sizes from 19 to 40 inches. Lower-end selections typically max out at 720p resolution, while the higher-end selections provide 4K HD clarity. There’s also the Full HD ELFW series if you’re interested in something more portable.

Very few brands can compete with the prices we saw during our Element TV reviews, yet the quality is good enough for you to enjoy your favorite shows in your bedroom. The picture quality and audio on the cheaper models won’t wow your guests. But it’s good enough for your bedroom or some other room that isn’t used primarily for entertainment in your home.

You’ll have to go with one of Element’s higher-end offerings if you’re looking for a main TV for your living room.

Element TV 4k Ultra Series

element tv review

If you’re shopping for a Smart TV that is Amazon Fire Stick or Roku compatible, the Element 4k Ultra series has you covered. These provide incredibly clear pictures with 2160p resolution. It also comes with a variety of input and audio options like three HDMI, optical, and RCA ports.

The TVs in this series come with inbuilt Wi-Fi adapters, allowing you to stream videos from providers like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix.

The negative things we noticed during our Element TV review

While Element televisions provide you with quality pictures for their respective prices. The downside is these products tend to wear out faster than other brands. That won’t be a big issue if you’re only looking for a TV to use for a few hours each day. If you are a huge TV person who spends lots of time binge-watching your favorite shows or playing video games, you’re probably better off investing in a pricier established brand that actually makes products that are designed for significant use. You will get your money’s worth from these products, but don’t expect the durability you are accustomed to with established brands like Sony.

Given how low the prices of Element 4k TVs are, it’s still a cheap way to test the Smart TV waters.

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Element HDTV 

element tv reviews

The most basic model we came across during out Element TV review is called the ELEFW series. These are as basic as an HD television can get. There is no Smart TV capability and there are minimal features and ports. Don’t expect to find a variety of audio and video options here, just the basics like an HDMI port, power outlet, cable, and audio port.

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The picture quality is okay at 1366 x 768, but it’s nowhere near the performance of the 4k series. The audio quality is mediocre at best. The attractive prices the ELEFW series comes with makes up for all the features these TVs lack. It’s an affordable way to add a television to a room in your home that needs one – like a guestroom – without spending much money.

Wrapping up

An Element TV is a great solution if you’re looking for a decent TV and a great deal. The selections offered by this television manufacturer are perfect for anyone who is working with a budget like a college student. It’s also a great option for bedrooms, guestrooms or guesthouses.

The quality is good enough for you and your guests to enjoy your favorite media. And you won’t have to worry about the TV wearing down since it’s rarely used.

That’s the key point you should take from this review. While Element TVs can provide high-end quality pictures, the longevity of these products isn’t particularly impressive. If you plan to use the TV you’re currently shopping for regularly, you’d be better off spending a little bit more for a more reliable television like the Samsung NU8000 55 Inch 4K Smart TV or the Sony XBR65A8F 65-Inch 4k Ultra HD Smart TV.

Element TV reviews: Top selling models

Let’s take a look at some of the top-selling Element TV models:

1. Element TV review: ELEFW2217M 22 Inch Monitor — Great Pricing Meets Great Design

element tv reviews

Element electronics got it right with the Element ELEFW2217M. They combined affordability, a sleek design and great picture quality for both video and gaming modes.

Enough with the gushing. Let us go ahead and get a good, long look at this monitor and unpack all it has to offer.


In a word, the design of the Element ELEFW2217M is sleek. It is quite slim, with a depth of only five inches and a weight of just five pounds. The monitor is framed with super-thin, near-invisible black bezels on three sides. This awesome design feature could almost make a person think that the monitor is all display, no frame.

The bottom edge of the display has slightly thicker white trim with the company’s logo at the center.

The back of the monitor is just as impressive. The Element ELEFW2217M has a chrome-like upper panel framed with the ultra-thin bezels on three sides. It also has a white lower panel. There are only two ports on the bottom panel: A HDMI port and a VGA port.

The stand has chrome sheen which ties the whole look together.

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What is in the box?

The monitor ships with a power cord, a VGA cord, and not much else. Do not expect to find an HDMI cable in the box.

Picture quality

This 1080p monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which works amazingly well for a display of its size. The user experience is further enhanced by the fact that the screen seems to have no bezels.

Thanks to the LED backlight technology that powers the screen, a person can enjoy rich, high-fidelity colors with very good contrast. Gamers will enjoy the gaming mode preset that is programmed into the Element ELEFW2217M. It’s one of our favorite features during our element TV reviews.

The gaming preset is made to prevent lag and image ghosting in fast-moving games. Other presets available on this monitor are PC and video mode, which allow the user to perform different kinds of tasks with maximum viewing comfort.

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  • Beautiful design
  • Great picture quality at a resolution of 1080p
  • The screen has an anti-glare surface, which improves a person’s viewing experience
  • The monitor is very affordable
  • It comes with modes for gaming, video and PC, which makes it easy for a person to adjust the monitor’s settings as for different tasks


  • The monitor does not ship with an HDMI cable
  • There are screens that can tilt a whole lot more than the ELEFW2217M
  • It does not have an audio jack that allows for the connection of external speakers
  • There exist sturdier, more durable monitors in the market

This is actually a good purchase

There is a really simple phrase that can describe the Element ELEFW2217M. That phrase is ‘good bang for your buck’. So if you are in the market for a monitor, treat yourself to the ELEFW2217M. You will enjoy every minute you spend with it. Read more about this TV.

2.  Element TV review: ELST3216H 32″ 720p 60Hz Smart LED

element tv reviews

The people at Element electronics work to produce affordable screens that offer a satisfying viewing experience. One such TV is the Element ELST3216H 32″ 720p Smart LED TV. It is an all-purpose screen that you can use as a TV, a computer monitor or a gaming screen.

At its price point, this TV is one of the most affordable 32 Inch Screens you will find.

Let us have a closer look at this Smart TV during our Element TV reviews to see if its performance is as awesome as its price.

What is in the box?

The TV ships with the LCD TV itself, the screen’s base, the screws needed to attach the base to the screen, a remote and two AAA batteries. It also comes with a power cord, the warranty and a couple of instruction manuals.


Once the TV is set up, a person should be looking at a screen that blends nicely into any setting. The TV has matte black housing with slim bezels to frame the screen. The bottom bezel has the Element logo at the center. The portion of the bezel to the right of the logo is silver, which is a nice little touch.

The TV is 28 inches long, 17 inches high and 7 inches deep. The back of the screen looks bare, which is a cool design choice. The ports and jacks on the TV are cleverly placed at the side and bottom of a panel found on the lower half of the screen.


The ports of the Element ELST3216H are found on two panels. On the first panel are the USB port, coaxial port, audio jack, VGA port, HDMI2 port and HDMI3 port. In that order, from top to bottom. These ports face the side of the TV.

On the second panel are the HDMI ports the old school AV ports and an earphone jack. These ports face downwards.

Operating system and interface

The Element ELST3216H comes with the manufacturer’s user interface, which comes with a few preinstalled apps. On the home screen, a person will see the Netflix, YouTube, VUDU and Pandora apps.

The simple Element interface is quite easy to use, which was what the manufacturer was going for.

Picture quality

The Element ELST3216H uses LED backlight technology to render rich colors that include deep blacks. With a 720p resolution and a refresh rate of 60MHz, this TV gives an enjoyable viewing experience.

The user can expect to watch high-quality videos without any problems.

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  • It is super easy to set up this TV
  • At a resolution of 720p, the picture quality is quite good
  • It doubles as both a TV and a monitor, which is useful
  • Very affordable TV


  • The base is not very stable, which causes the TV to wobble
  • The internal speakers sound tinny even when they are turned down low
  • The TV tuner needs very good signal strength to decode the 1080p picture, otherwise, a person will experience less than great picture quality

Is the Element ELST3216H a good buy?

Here our final verdict after this Element TV review. For its price point, it is. You will get to enjoy good picture quality and smart TV capabilities. Those are already three reasons to consider the Element ELST3216H. Click here to learn more about this TV.

3. Element TV review: ELEFW408 40 Inch 1080p LED

element tv reviews

The Element ELEFW408 is a 40 Inch Screen with a lot to prove. With 1080p resolution and a 60 MHz refresh rate, this TV has the specifications to perform at a high level. So, does it?

Let us see.


The Element ELEFW408 is housed in a black casing made of plastic. The screen is framed with bezels that are fairly thin, with the manufacturer logo at the center of the bottom bezel. Right under the logo are all the control buttons (power, volume, brightness and menu).


At the back of the TV is a panel with two sets of ports. The sideways-facing ports are arranged from top to bottom in the following order: One USB-A port, a coaxial port for an antenna connection, a PC audio port, a VGA port, and two HDMI ports.

The second set of ports are downward facing. They include a third HDMI port, a set of AV component ports and an audio port.


With a resolution of 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 60 MHz, the picture quality of the ELEFW408 was quite good during our Element TV reviews. The colors are vivid and lifelike. The black levels of this TV belong to a far more expensive model and they help to create a high-fidelity picture with good contrast.

All this is made possible with the LED-backlit technology that lights the display and renders the colors.

There are a few color-related downsides, though. Right out of the box, the reds tend to look more like magenta. Which means that a person will need to play around with the color settings to get good color balance. This issue is more pronounced with HDMI input. With some adjustments though, the picture quality is pretty great.

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The user experience extends to gaming, where the minimal input response time of this TV makes playing fast-action video games lots of fun. That said, a person may notice a little blurring, a problem that can be fixed by playing with the display settings.


  • Affordable
  • As colors go, the black levels are amazing
  • There is near-zero input lag during gaming, which makes for an enjoyable gaming experience


  • The picture quality is worse when connecting a video input device with an HDMI cable instead of a VGA cable
  • The reds rendered by this screen tend to look more like magenta, especially with HDMI input
  • A person may notice some blurring and ghosting as they play fast-paced games The user menu leaves out some tips and tricks that would help the user to make adjustments to the picture settings

This TV works just fine

With a little tweak of the color settings, this TV will provide a great viewing experience. You will get to enjoy rich, life-like colors when watching videos. Gamers will also love how fast this screen responds to input.

For a budget TV, the ELEFW408 40 Inch TV will meet your viewing and gaming needs. It was one of our favorites during our Element TV reviews. Learn more about this TV.

4. Element TV review: ELSW3917BFR 39 Inch 1080p Smart television — Does the Performance Match the Price?

element tv reviews

Your wallet will love how affordable the Element ELSW3917BFR Smart TV is. Truth be told, there are few brands that can compete with Element Electronics when it comes to the price of a 39 Inch Smart TV. It’s also one of the models that delivered during our Element TV reviews.

It seems that Element’s goal is to give an amazing viewing experience at a great price. The question is: Once you unbox and set up this TV, will it perform at a level that allows it to hold its own against the competition?

Let us have a closer look and find out:


The ELSW3917BFR comes with the housing made of black plastic material. At the front, the screen is framed with slim bezels that have a matte, chrome-like finish on one half and a glossy finish on the other.

The Element ELSW3917BFR is 35 Inches wide, 21 inches wide and 8 inches deep, which makes it quite thick as far as modern screens go. Its diagonal length is 38.5 Inches. At the back, the housing is a matte black with no visible ports, which is appealing.

The ports are all cleverly hidden because some face sideways and others face up.

Ports and connectivity

The ports are found on two panels at the back of the TV. The upper panel holds an audio jack, an HDMI port, a set of AV ports and one USB port.

Right next to the upper panel is a second panel. It holds an optical port, a USB port, a LAN port, two HDMI ports, a VGA port, a PC audio port and an RF port. The TV also comes with an inbuilt wireless receiver for Wi-Fi home networks.

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Smart TV interface

The ELSW3917BFR comes with the manufacturer’s own interface, also known as ‘Element Smart Interface’. Said interface is pretty simple, which makes it easy to use. It comes preinstalled with Netflix, YouTube and VUDU.

Compared to other TVs that share the specifications and price point of the Element ELSW3917BFR, the interface could use some more preinstalled apps. Other than that, the interface works quite well, except for a little lag that happens if a person gives multiple commands in a really short time span.

Picture quality

With a resolution of 1080p, the Element ELSW3917BFR provides a pretty enjoyable HD viewing experience. This TV uses LED backlight technology to illuminate the screen. The result is very rich colors with deep blacks. The dynamic contrast ratio of 2000:1 also helps to render good image quality with a good level of contrast.

For the avid gamers, the 8ms grey-to-grey response time may cause some ghosting, which becomes less noticeable the further away a person is from the screen. Let’s wrap up this Element TV review.


  • It is very affordable
  • It has a simple, straightforward interface that is easy to use
  • The TV offers rich color and good contrast, so the picture quality is good


  • The Element electronic website catalog is short on product information
  • The interface comes with a few pre-installed apps. As an example, it does not come with Hulu
  • A person may experience some lag as they move between menu items

The Element ELSW3917BFR 1080p smart TV works pretty well

It is competitive out there in the TV market. There are many brands that offer fairly affordable television screens that have great picture quality, along with all the bells and whistles.

With the ELSW3917BFR, Element Electronics delivered on price. They also did a good job on the picture quality. That said, the interface of this TV is pretty basic, even at its price point. For better interfaces, you should check out Element‘s 4K Smart TVs. Those come with pretty much everything you could think of.

So, should you buy this TV? If you simply want a TV for the other rooms in the house, or if you are looking to dip your toe into the pool that is the world of smart TVs, then yes. It will work just fine. Learn more about this TV.

If you are interested in something that offers a lot more quality at a slightly higher price, we highly recommend taking a look at some of our TCL TV reviews and our LG 55UM7300PUA Review.

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