Avera TV Review 2019: Read This Before Buying One

avera tv review

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During our Avera TV review, we were amazed at the wide selection of television models. This television manufacturer offers some of the most affordable, high definition TVs available on the market right now. It’s one of those brands you want to take a really close look at if you’re looking to upgrade your television without having to starve yourself for a few weeks.

On the cheaper side of things, the Solstice and Aeria series give you a decent mix of economical HD TVs. That makes them a good option if you’re equally interested in affordability and quality. This avera TV review is just getting started.

On the higher end of things is the Avera Equinox, which is a great solution for anyone looking for a cheap 4K TV to buy. Avera also offers premium top-of-the-line 4K ultra HD televisions for the ultimate experience. Something else we noticed during our Avera TV review is the fact many of their models come with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

Avera TVs perform comparably to many of the top TV brands, providing crisp HD pictures accompanied with clear audio. However, during our Avera TV reviews, we did notice that the audio on the lower tier models wasn’t anything to write home about. You should consider getting a soundbar to improve the sound system if you opt for one of the lower end models.

Let’s take a look at the different Avera TV series you can choose from.

Avera TV Reviews:

1. Aeria Series

2018 avera tv review aeria series

As we mentioned earlier, this is Avera’s most budget-friendly TV model. It gives you sharp HD pictures and it comes with an impressive automatic contrast enhancer that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the content being displayed. Each Aeria series TV comes with three HDMI inputs, allowing you to connect multiple devices to it like your gaming console or Blu-ray player. The Avera TVs in the Aeria series come in a wide range of sizes from 24 to 50 inches.

2. Solstice Series

avera tv review solstice series

Here’s another budget-friendly TV series that provides clear sounds and quality pictures. The televisions in this series also come with a “hotel mode” feature which makes them an excellent choice for hotel managers/owners looking to upgrade their current TVs. Sizes available range from 32 to 60 inches.

3. EquinoX Series

avera tv reviews equinox series

Here’s one of Avera’s higher-end TVs. It gives you clear 4K ultra HD quality pictures, precise contrast, and a wider color spectrum. It’s the perfect TV for you if you’re interested in getting a budget-friendly 4K TV on the market. EquinoX televisions come with local dimming tech, which means the backlight adjusts to the amount of light traveling through the screen. In other words, you don’t have to worry about losing picture quality if you decide to open up your windows or turn of the lights.

Televisions in this series also come with a UHD picture engine that converts lower resolution media input into a more detailed picture. Sizes currently available include 40”, 49”, 50”, 55”, and 65”.

4. Stellar Series

avera tv reviews stellar series

Here another higher-end TV series made by Avera. Like the EquinoX series, it also offers 4K ultra HD resolution, which makes these televisions perfect for gaming or watching your favorite TV programs. Avera Stellar series TVs also come with built-in apps like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix. That allows you to stream all of your favorite shows on your TV whenever you want. These TVs also come with a control panel that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. It’s currently available in 32, 40, 50, and 65 inches.

5. Constellation Series

avera tv reviews Constellation Series

Here’s the last series we will look at during our Avera TV reviews. The old saying, ‘save the best for last’ comes to mind. The constellation series offers 4K ultra HD definition, a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution, 8 million pixels, and Dolby Surround 7.1 sound. The combination of all these features gives you the ultimate viewing experience you could possibly get at home.

If you decide to go with a television in the constellation series, you also have the option of getting an Android TV remote.

The sizes available are 40, 49, 50, 55 and 65 inches.

Other things you should know before buying an Avera TV

1. Apps and Wi-Fi

The constellation and stellar series are the only Avera televisions that come with built-in apps and Wi-Fi compatibility. This is something you want to keep in mind when shopping for a TV if you regularly stream programs from providers like Amazon and Netflix.

The Stellar and Constellation series are the only Avera TVs that offer built-in Wi-Fi and apps allowing you to access your favorite online content or quickly stream content from your mobile device. Let’s wrap up this Avera TV review.

2. HDMI Input

All Avera TVs come with at least 3 HDMI input ports. The Solstice and Aeria series come with three, while the Constellation and Stellar series come with four. Having many HDMI ports means that you can plug in all the devices you often use to your TV at the same time.

Wrapping up

There was one constant theme throughout our Avera TV review: this brand offers a good mix of quality and affordability. Many of the Avera TVs on the market have the latest tech in them, making their products comparable to televisions manufactured by some of the more popular brands.

Avera produces a TV that’s right for anyone you can think of. From college students to large hotel chains.

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