Sceptre TV Reviews: Does This No-Frills Television Meet Basic Consumer Needs?

sceptre tv reviews

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Sceptre TV reviews prove that affordable can be good, especially if you do not want all the bells and whistles that come with larger televisions. This company has something for everyone and often strips all the fancy functionalities that consumers don’t need or use often while providing the very best quality for specifications you do need. This results in a high-quality product that is also very inexpensive.

Key features

When it comes to features and specifications, Sceptre proves that underdogs really can compete with the leaders of the television world. Let’s jump right into our Sceptre TV reviews.

  1. MEMC 120

This stands for Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation. This feature makes Sceptre televisions ideal for watching fast-paced and action-packed sequences, as it ensures the images flow smoothly from one frame to another for the best viewing experience. The feature also enhances the picture quality, making it ideal for action movies, sports and gaming.

  1. Consumer electronic control

Users who connect lots of HDMI devices to their television will enjoy this feature, as it improves convenience without affecting functionality. The Consumer electronic control allows the user to control all the HDMI connected devices using a single remote.

  1. UHD Upscaling

UHD upscaling makes it easier to view non-4K content on a 4K television. Sceptre televisions have an advanced video chipset that helps upscale standard definition, high definition and Full HD content, allowing the consumer to enjoy excellent picture quality and UHD-quality excellence. This feature helps breathe new life to older television shows and movies.

  1. Energy-star V7.0

Reduce your carbon footprint by using any of the Sceptre televisions. These TVs meet very strict energy guidelines set by the United States Energy Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition to preventing greenhouse gas emissions, these televisions also use less energy and help you save on the cost of electricity.

Display features

Consumers can enjoy unrivaled picture quality, contrast and color with all Sceptre televisions. The less expensive LED screens have very sharp contrasts and deliver very rich colors and crisp images. The more expensive 4K televisions feature up to 8 million pixels, which is four times the number of pixels found in full HD displays. This ensures superb color variation and contrast.

westinghouse tv reviewsConnectivity

Sceptre televisions have up to 4 HDMI 2.0 ports for better digital and audio quality by streaming up to 60 frames per second. These multiple ports allow consumers to connect all their favorite devices, including game consoles, laptops and Blu-ray devices. Premium Sceptre televisions also feature HDCP 2.2, which ensures that all 4K content you transfer from DVD player or Blu-ray sources to the television has copyright protection.

The Audio Return Channel uses one HDMI connection to send audio from the television to an AV receiver or soundbar. The USB ports make it easier to view pictures or listen to music from a USB device. Other ports include DVI, audio jacks and display ports for better connectivity.

All ports are located on the back of the television on the left-hand side for easy access and for convenient cable management. It is little features like these that won us over during our Sceptre TV reviews.

Internet access

Sceptre is not a ‘smart’ television; therefore consumers can’t enjoy any web browsing on these TVs. This is one of the reasons why the price is so low. Users who want to get internet access may have to spend a few extra dollars on Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick for all their internet-based television needs or to access streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu.

Audio quality

Sceptre televisions are very thin and light in weight. Unfortunately, this has affected the audio quality, as they do not have any quality speakers. Therefore, a person who purchases this and other thin televisions may have to invest in a sound bar to enjoy the very best audio quality.

Viewable angle

These televisions have a viewable angle of about 178 degrees in the larger televisions, which is pretty great. This makes the TV ideal for homes where a lot of people view the television at once, as people who seat towards the side of the TV can still see the content. Even the curved television has a 3000R degree curved design for better viewing regardless of where you sit in the room.

Mobile high-definition link

The mobile high definition link feature allows consumers to connect any compatible tablet or smartphone device with their Sceptre TV. This feature allows the consumer to view pictures and videos from their mobile devices more clearly, and to enjoy the excellent picture quality that the Sceptre screen offers.

Price analysis

Sceptre is an entry-level brand that makes it cheaper for buyers to get a taste of LED and 4K technology. The price is very reasonable for all models, regardless of the size. This brand does not have smart functionality, which is a factor that has contributed to the low price. However, it offers great value for money as consumers enjoy excellent picture and video quality. That’s another quality that stood out during our Sceptre TV reviews.

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Advantages of Sceptre TVs

  • Very affordable price
  • Multiple HDMI and USB ports for better connectivity
  • Excellent picture quality and clarity
  • Superior contrast
  • UHD upscaling translates non-4K content for better viewing quality
  • Consumer electronic control allows you to control HDMI devices using a single remote
  • Motion estimation and motion compensation allow you to enjoy action-packed movies and sports.

Disadvantages of Sceptre TVs

  • No smart functionality in any of the televisions
  • The sound quality is a bit disappointing
  • No web browsing capabilities
  • Limited features and functionality compared to other major television brands.

Conclusion of Sceptre TV Reviews

If you do not use Smart TVs or already have Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, then this is the best television for you. This no-frills TV has the basic essentials for a great viewing experience, without all the extras that you probably never use. This has made it very convenient and user-friendly, especially for users who do not know how to take advantage of all the technology available in top-shelf brands. Read what Sceptre TV owners have to say.

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  1. Mike J.

    Oddly, only cheap TV’s have headphone jacks. These can be used to connect to a stereo/home theater system via a 3.5mm by twin RCA plug Y-connector, about 10 dollars. Sound will be great.
    Insert into any line-level input such as Aux, Tape, or CD.


      Exactly. The headphone jack gives you more options when it comes to setting up your sound system. Connected one to $20 walkman speakers once. Sounded great.

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