Sony TV Review: XBR65A8F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart BRAVIA OLED TV

sony tv review

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Our Sony TV review quickly made it clear that television technology has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. And Sony is at the forefront of these technological developments. The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F 65-inch television has a wealth of features that most televisions from other brands pale in comparison. Consumers who have used budget televisions in the past reveal in various Sony 65-inch TV reviews that this TV has enhanced their viewing experience and redefines entertainment.

Sony TV review part 1: Introduction

It is clear from most Sony 65-inch television reviews that most consumers want a TV that’s a Jack of all trades. They want their television to offer excellent picture quality, excellent sound and superior features while still being ultra-thin and lightweight. Buyers are asking manufacturers to produce a television that is great for bright cartoons, dark horror movies and high definition documentaries. In the past, most television companies have included most of these features but compromised on a few key issues. For example, they have produced a television that is super-slim while sacrificing speakers and sound.

Sony Bravia XBR65A8F has proven that nothing is impossible by including all the features consumers want in a single television. Whether you like to play video games, watch soap operas or stream your favorite shows, this television will serve you just fine. This television also includes a number of accessibility features that make it easier for people who have certain disabilities. The fact that it has something for everyone makes it perfect for families.

However, all of these advantages do not come cheap. Sony is a top-shelf brand, and the Sony Bravia XBR65A8F is a high budget top-shelf television. You may have to save for some time before you can include this TV in your budget. However, as most reviewers have revealed, you will not be disappointed. The high-tech features mean that this television is worth every penny. Let’s jump right into this Sony TV review.


best place to buy a tvWho is this product designed for?

If you have been saving for some time with the intention of getting the very best television money can buy, then this should be your first pick. From the Sony 65-inch TV reviews, it is very clear that all other televisions most users have owned in the past pale in contrast when compared to the Sony Bravia XBR65A8F television. This TV doesn’t just display your shows, it makes entertainment more exciting.

This television can find a comfortable spot in your living room if you like watching all types of shows, from regular programs to movies. The accurate delivery and the high contrast ratio provide true-to-life images on your screen. The smart television platform is superb, making it perfect for viewers who love to stream their favorite shows. This television features Android TV, which has lots of apps available for download from the Google Play Store.

This television is also great as a PC and is ideal for anyone who enjoys gaming. The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F has a dedicated Game Mode that switches off most of the processing to reduce latency and input lag. The input lag is not as low as that of other alternative 4K televisions, but it is perfectly alright for casual gamers.

Product overview

The screen sits low on a conventional desktop stand. The back has very thin edges and a chunkier mid-section that hosts all the television’s processing and connections. However, the chunky bit doesn’t stick out too far, so you will not have any issues if you decide to mount it on your wall. The television also uses cable channeling and plastic covers to make the back as tidy as possible.

The television’s bezel is very thin with a tiny silver trim. According to Sony 65-inch TV reviews, this design puts all the focus on the images on the television instead of the television itself.

The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F has a peak brightness of about 700 nits, which is lower than that of other Sony models or competitor brands such as LG. However, this television makes up for it with the X1 Extreme processing system. This processing system, together with the object-based HDR remaster feature, ensure true-to-life images and offer a superior viewing experience. Based on Sony 65-inch TV reviews, this television has no video noise and the HDR images are very bright and have rich colors. The motion handling feature is better than that of any competitor in the market, and the screen’s near-perfect black levels put it at the top of its league. This Sony TV review is just getting started.

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Sony TV review part 2: Important features

1. Acoustic surface

The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F television’s acoustic surface exudes high-end sophistication and originality, putting this television head and shoulders above other brands. Unlike most other televisions that only produce sound via TV speakers, the Sony A8F uses the actual screen to deliver sound. This television has set has two actuators behind the screen that causes it to vibrate to produce very immersive sound.

2. Display

The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F features eight million self-illuminating pixels, which ensure natural color and very deep blacks. These pixels and controlled individually by the processor for exquisite contrast. This processor also upscales non-4K images so that they are closer to true 4K HDR quality.

One of the features that most Sony 65-inch reviewers have praised is the television’s Triluminos display. This display maps the colors on a wider palette, reproducing every tone, shade and hue with a lot of accuracy.

Whether you like gaming, watching cartoons or watching movies and documentaries, this television’s 4K HDR technology offers an immersive experience, even on the 65-inch screen. The television handles a number of HDR formats, including Hybrid Log-Gamma, Dolby Vision and HDR10. This television is an IMAX enhanced product, ensuring it meets high standards of sound, clarity, contrast and color. Therefore, if you are watching any IMAX enhanced content, you can expect an immersive at-home entertainment experience. This Sony TV review is just getting started.

The television has a feature called ‘Motion Flow’ to ensure movements on screen look less billowy. This TV’s Standard and True Cinema settings reduce motion blur and judder without making the pictures look unnaturally fluid. This feature holds up to very busy content, such as car chases or battle scenes.

The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F handles color beautifully, and the different tones look balanced and natural across the board. The ultra-refined color and exceptional light handling give your pictures a sense of clarity and depth that most rival manufacturers cannot compete with. This makes viewers aware of the full depth of the image in every scene, as well as the various layers of detail within it.

The level of refinement also means that 4K images are packed with texture and details. Furthermore, this television can upscale non-4K content so that you can view it clearly on the 4K screen. The Dolby Vision HDR feature ensures all images are beautiful and immersive.

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3. Accessibility

The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F features technology that is accessible to all. Some of the technologies that this television has include a screen reader, audio description, text magnification, closed caption and voice search.

4. Smart features

Sony Bravia XBR65A8F uses the latest version of Android TV, which works well but is not as user-friendly as rival smart television platforms such as Roku television and LGs WebOS. However, Android television offers a wide selection of apps, which consumers can download from the Google Play Store. This television supports all the major streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon, Vevo and Spotify. Sony also has its own 4K movie download service. That’s one of the features that stuck out during this Sony TV review.

Android TV has lots of advantages, including integrated Google Cast, compatibility with Google Home and easy set-up using Android phones. Connecting with Google Home offers seamless, hands-free control of your television. Google home lets you find and cast your favorite videos and shows to your Sony Bravia XBR65A8F television without lifting a finger.

Furthermore, this television includes the new Google Assistant voice command software, which allows you to use your voice to open various apps, search for content across apps, check the weather and get access to connected devices. Google is trying to refine its voice command software, but the Google Assistant is still miles ahead of competing brands, such as Amazon Alexa.

In addition to Google Assistant voice command software, this television is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Therefore, you can connect any Alexa-enabled device for seamless and hands-free control of your television. Alexa allows you to power your television, control volume and even change channels using your voice.

Sony 65-inch TV reviewers have also noted that Sony’s 4K HDR television is the perfect partner for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles. The excellent picture quality, color clarity and object-based HDR remaster feature allow you to immerse yourself in a responsive and exciting gaming experience with intensely vibrant color and vivid textures.

sony tv review

5. Environmentally friendly

This television was designed with the environment in mind. Sony has always been committed to working towards zero environmental output. Some of the environmental features in the Sony Bravia XBR65A8F include:

  • Pixel-level lighting control or dynamic backlight control adjusts display brightness as the picture changes, thus helping improve energy efficiency.
  • This television has a Power Saving Mode which helps reduce energy consumption by adjusting the display brightness.
  • The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F has a Display Off Mode that saves energy by turning the picture display off without having to put the television into full standby This allows users to continue enjoying the audio while the display is off

Sony TV review part 3: Pros vs. Cons


  • Excellent accessibility features
  • OLED technology offers some deep blacks and superior color accuracy
  • Android TV has a wide selection of apps
  • Wide viewing angles


  • It is very expensive
  • There may be some problems with burn-in

Sony TV review part 4: FAQs

1. What differentiates the 2018 model from the 2017 model?

The main difference is the Acoustic Surface technology. Unlike most televisions, the Sony Bravia XBR65A8F 2018 TV set has two actuators behind the screen that causes it to vibrate to produce very immersive sound.

2. Can this television connect to other devices via Bluetooth?

Yes. The Sony Bravia XBR65A8F has the ability to connect to several different devices via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones or even compilot devices for hearing disabled people. However, there is no guarantee that you will be able to establish a connection, especially if you are connecting the TV to a third-party device.

3. Does the television have built-in speakers or camera for Google Assistant?

Unfortunately, it does not have any built-in speakers or camera.

4. Is this television compatible with the VESA mount?

Yes. The television is compatible with the VESA mount for easy wall mounting.

5. Does this television have 3D capabilities?

No. Most manufacturers these days do not include 3D capabilities in their televisions. However, it does have 4K UHD capabilities, which offer a thrilling entertainment experience.

6. Is the refresh rate ideal for gaming?

Yes. This television has a 120 refresh rate and low input lag, which makes it great for casual gaming. Furthermore, you can set it to Game Mode, which switches off processing to reduce input lag for a better gaming experience.

7. Can I connect wired or wireless surround speakers directly to the television without a soundbar or AV receiver?

No. You cannot connect a speaker directly to this television. You will need a receiver or a soundbar for this setup.

8. Does this television feature Dolby Atmos?

This television has Dolby Vision and HDR10, but it does not have Dolby Atmos at the moment. For sound, the television supports Dolby Pulse, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus.

Final verdict of Sony TV review

The main question that a lot of people ask on the various Sony 65-inch TV reviews is whether this television is good value for money. There is no denying that purchasing the Sony Bravia XBR65A8F will burn a hole in your pocket. However, this is a proper investment that will transform your living room into an entertainment center. The only disadvantage is that once you watch your favorite show on this television, you will never be content with watching it on anything else. Hope you found this Sony TV review very helpful.

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