La Brea Reviews: Two New Worlds

La Brea reviews

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Our La Brea reviews go over the storyline of this new TV series. If you’re wondering what the meaning of the cool name is, “Brea” is Spanish for tar, so the show is likely named after the tar pits of LA.  

Let’s jump right into our La Brea reviews to determine if this show deserves all the hype it has been getting lately.

NBC’s new show La Brea starts with a massive sinkhole opening up smack in the middle of Los Angeles, creating two new worlds that separate families. The story follows a mother and son who fall into a strange primeval land that places them alongside other strangers trying to figure out what just happened and how to get back to their homes.

A father with a troubled past and his daughter barely survive the disaster, and he turns out to be the most likely person to solve the mystery going on around them thanks to strange hallucinations that might be the key to finding their way back home. The series follows the highs and lows as the group tries to restore normalcy.

La Brea reviews: First thoughts

The show starts with lots of momentum as you find yourself wondering what’s going on. The story is filled with lots of smaller mysteries and minor crises that keep you interested in the developing storyline. Some girls are po-faced, an animal attack almost takes out one of the characters, and someone has a car that’s loaded with heroin. I’d keep an eye on that guy if I were stuck in some pit in LA.

Key storylines are easy to follow since they are discussed repeatedly as characters in different worlds figure out the same things at different times.

In some ways, La Brea feels like a way to recreate the highly successful series “Lost,” which premiered in 2004. However, La Brea provides watchers with too many answers so far, which takes away from the suspense a bit. The series just started, so there’s no way to tell if that’s how the show will proceed.

The storyline that powers La Brea has lots of potential, but the characters and dialogue so far haven’t been particularly impressive. The special effects aren’t anything special either, despite the massive budget for the series.

La Brea reviews verdict: Something to watch

Can’t say we’re entirely sold on La Brea so far. It has lots of potential since the core storyline is something fans of science fiction can get behind. However, the first episode has too many things we have all come to hate about network TV. It gets 3/5 stars for us.

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