LG Nanocell 75 Series Review: Hard to Beat the Value

LG Nanocell 75 series review

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LG Nanocell 75 Series review examines if this brand name TV lives us to the company’s reputation. LG’s latest release features the company’s patented Nanocell technology, delivering vivid colors and brightness to help you enjoy your favorite shows in style.

Whether you’re watching prime-time news or enjoying a football game, the LG Nanocell 75 series television has all the bells and whistles to make your viewing experience more enjoyable. Our LG Nanocell 75 Series review outlines the product features, pros, and cons of this television to help you decide whether this TV should take the front seat in your media room.

LG Nanocell 75 Series review: Who is this product designed for?

The LG Nanocell 75 series 55-inch television is ideal for mixed usage, which makes it perfect for gamers and movie enthusiasts alike. This television has wide viewing angles, ensuring clear and accurate images for people seated on either end of your sofas or sectionals. The TV’s smart interface also has a wide selection of apps to ensure you always have a variety of content to watch. You will truly enjoy the LG Nanocell 75 series if you love gaming, as it has a low input lag and excellent gradient handling. Sports fans can get sports updates from their favorite teams via the Sports Alert feature. This television is also suitable for use as a PC monitor, as it displays chroma 4:4:4 from all supported resolutions.

LG Nanocell 75 series review

Product overview

The LG Nanocell 75 series 55-inch television is a mid-range television that offers excellent quality at a competitive price. This television is pretty slim, and the borders are flat and made from metal for a premium feel. The LG Nanocell 75 series has two stands that lift it above the table, providing sufficient space for a soundbar in front of your television that won’t block any images. The back of the television is thin and features two hooks for cable management. This television is also easy to mount on your wall.

In terms of features, this television has Nanocell technology that filters light wavelengths for vivid colors. The home screen allows you to personalize your content so that you can access all your favorite apps quickly and easily. While the television’s magic remote is excellent for convenient control, you can also activate and change settings on your television using voice commands. The Quad-Core processor 4K and HDR ensure clarity so that you can view every image and scene precisely as the film’s director intended it.

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Key features:

1. Nanocell display

Nanocell screens feature a filtering layer just above the LCD panel. This technology uses nanoparticles that refine colors by absorbing, filtering, and removing impurities from specific light wavelengths. This ensures that the screen only displays the purest and most accurate colors for more vibrant pictures and more color depth.

2. Quad-core processor 4k

This LG Nanocell 75 series review shows that this TV has a quad-core 4k processor that displays 4k content perfectly without any subpixel artifacts. This television has excellent color depth with great contrast and black uniformity. As a bonus, this television upscales lower resolution content and can make 480p, 720p, and 1080p content look just as good as native 4k content.

3. Google assistant and Alexa built-in

The LG Nanocell 75 series has various smart features, including Google Assistant and Alexa, for hands-free control. These voice assistants allow you to change the channel, adjust volume, and open apps with your voice, offering more control and convenience. The built-in voice assistants also allow you to control other connected smart and home devices.

4. Game optimizer

This LG Nanocell 75 series review reveals that this television has a Game Optimizer feature to make video games more immersive and entertaining for gaming enthusiasts. This feature makes it easy for you to access all the game setting features. It also has HGiG and auto low latency mode for more detailed images. The LG Nanocell 75 series has low input lag, making it ideal for fast-paced games.

5. Magic remote

This television comes with LG’s Magic Remote, which helps perform basic functions such as adjusting picture settings, changing inputs, and searching for content. The remote has six buttons at the bottom for quick access to your favorite streaming apps and features. The physical remote as well as the remote app both support voice commands for convenience and easy control.


  • Low input lag
  • Images on the screen remain accurate at all viewing angles
  • Chroma 4:4:4 is displayed property from all resolutions, making it ideal for use as a PC
  • Television has an excellent selection of streaming apps
  • Nanocell technology ensures clear and vivid images
  • Sports Alert provides updates on start times and current scores for your favorite teams
  • Upscales lower resolution content to 4K
  • Has excellent gradient handling
  • Reasonable price
  • 120 Hz refresh rate makes it an excellent choice for gamers


  • Does not have local dimming
  • Does not have the best reflection handling and may not overcome glare adequately
  • This television has a low native contrast ratio

LG Nanocell 75 series review verdict: So much value at an affordable price

This LG Nanocell 75 series review can conclude that the LG Nanocell 75 series television offers excellent value for your money. The Nanocell display brings all the colors to life and offers excellent realism, while the 4K resolution ensures great contrast and clarity.

This television also has a wide variety of apps and built-in access to your favorite streaming services, including Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV+, and Prime Video. Whether you love watching sports or soap operas, this television provides excellent gradient handling, low input lag, bright colors, and accuracy at different viewing angles to help you become immersed in your favorite shows or games. Click here to learn more about this television.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Does this television have Bluetooth connectivity?

Yes, this television has Bluetooth connectivity version 5, allowing you to connect to other devices, including Bluetooth earbuds.

2. How wide are the television’s legs/stands, and are they adjustable?

The legs on this television are pretty wide for better stability, and they are not adjustable. This means you may need a wide table if you choose to place it on a TV stand.

3. Is this television wall-mountable?

Yes, this television is compatible with wall mount VESA 300 x 300. Furthermore, most inputs on the TV face the side, making them easy to access if you choose to mount the screen on your wall.

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