LG Nano91 Review: Solid Performance, Value for Your Money

LG Nano91 review

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Here’s a brand-new LG Nano91 review, fresh out of the oven. It makes for good research as you look to buy a high-performance 4K TV for a good price. 

The LG Nano91 is a mid-range LCD panel that promises good performance all around. Let’s take it out of the box and see what it has to offer.

LG Nano91 review: Unboxing and first looks

The TV ships with a remote, a pair of batteries, a composite-in adapter, and cable management accessories. There’s not a single media cable in the package and the power cable is attached to the back of the TV.

Like many LG televisions, the Nano91 has a simple design. The screen has glossy plastic borders that are less than half an inch thick. There’s a single button on the underside of the bottom bezel that acts as a power button, input selector, and navigation for the OSD menu.

LG Nano91 review

The metallic back panel has little going on, except for a 600x400mm VESA wall mount pattern and two sets of inputs.

Inputs and connectivity

The LG Nano91 has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, an antenna/cable connector, and an Ethernet port. It also has a composite input and a digital optical output. A wireless adapter provides Wi-Fi connectivity on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

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Smart features

Like many LG televisions, the Nano91 runs WebOS. This intuitive interface comes with an adequate selection of apps, including all your favorite streaming apps. Even better smart capability allows the LG Nano91 to run a smart assistant and control compatible smart devices in your home network.

Hardware and picture quality

The LG Nano91 is an IPS panel with 4K resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and full-array backlighting with local dimming. How does the hardware hold up when we take it through its paces?

1.       Color accuracy

Being an IPS panel, the Nano91 has near-perfect color accuracy; but only after some calibration. The panel’s wide color gamut helps to deliver vivid, saturated colors. Only high brightness levels could expand the color palette to create even more realistic colors.

2.       Brightness and contrast

At peak brightness levels of 264nits in SDR and 409 nits in HDR, the LG Nano91 is dim for a wide-screen TV. This takes away from the color volume of the panel, which in turn limits the vibrancy of HDR content.

The native contrast of the TV falls short of 2000:1, even with local dimming. Again, limitations in peak brightness have a lot to do with this. However, the TV does a good job of rendering sharp pictures with a good level of detail in bright scenes. Shadow detail misses the mark, but only slightly.

3.       Viewing angles

Being an IPS panel, the LG Nano91 has wide viewing angles, with no dimming or color washout as you move to the side of the TV.

4.       Screen uniformity

You will notice some backlight bleed during dark scenes, more so if you disable local dimming. The bleedthrough is even more noticeable in a dark room.

Grey uniformity could also be better, with dark areas on the edges of the screen and dirty screen effect at the center of the screen. This affects your viewing experience during sports, where uniformly green areas like sports fields will sometimes turn dirty brown.

5.       Response time, input lag, and motion handling

The response time of the LG Nano91 is 10.1ms, which is good for a wide-screen TV. In game mode, the TV only needs 15ms to display an input signal. The two numbers combine to deliver smooth and seamless motion handling. This improves the user experience during gaming, sports, and fast-action movies.


LG ships the Nano91 with a versatile remote that doubles as a wand. It has a microphone that you can use to send voice commands to the TV.


  • Sleek yet simple design with a solid build
  • Excellent color accuracy after calibration
  • Wide viewing angles


  • Black and grey uniformity could be better and there’s dirty screen effect to prove this
  • The LG Nano91 is dim for its size, which limits how well the TV displays HDR content
  • Low contrast ratio that leads to a limit in shadow detail

This LG Nano91 review verdict: Worth what you pay for it

The LG Nano91 is a 4K TV that delivers value for money. The solid build, useful features, and picture quality of the display makes it worth a second look. Click here to learn more about this TV.

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