Samsung Q6DT Review: Great Color Accuracy, Good Picture Quality

Samsung Q6DT review

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A quick read-through of this Samsung Q6DT review goes over the latest additions to Samsung’s QLED offerings. Let’s start with getting the TV out of the box.

Samsung Q6DT review: Build and design

The entry-level Q6DT has the frameless look of a high-end TV. At only a third of an inch thick, the bezels disappear into the display, creating a sleek, minimalist aesthetic that gives the entire room an upgrade. Better still, Samsung Q6DT is only 2.4 inches thick at its widest point and it will hug the wall if you choose to mount it.

Our Samsung Q6DT review is just getting started…

This Q6DT panel sits in a metal and plastic chassis that boasts a reasonably solid build. The back panel is a textured metallic surface with a [dim] VESA wall mount pattern and two sets of inputs. You’ll have a hard time reaching the rear-facing inputs if you mount the TV.

Samsung Q6DT review

Inputs and wireless connectivity

You can connect any number of devices thanks to three HDMI ports, two USB ports, and one digital optical output. The TV also has a composite port, an antenna/cable box connector, and an Ethernet port.

The Samsung Q6DT also has Wi-Fi connectivity that works on the 2.5 and 5GHz frequencies.

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OS and smart features

Samsung’s QLED displays run on Tizen. The interface has a well-stocked app store and support for Alexa and Google Assistant. The manufacturer’s SmartThings app allows Samsung smart displays to interact and even control compatible smart devices.

Hardware and picture quality

Samsung Q6DT (or Q60T) has an edge-lit QLED display with a 60fps refresh rate. It is also a VA panel that comes with its own set of benefits and shortcomings.

1.       Color accuracy

The panel employs two sets of LEDs to enhance color accuracy. One set illuminates pixels to display warm colors while the other illuminates them to render cooler colors. The result is accurate colors that may be a little bright, or have a reddish hue. Lowering the color temperature eliminates these small faults to create

2.       Brightness, contrast, and detail

Being VA panels, Q6DT televisions are bright, with support for HDR content and excellent contrast (7000:1). However, the lack of local dimming limits the ability of the Samsung Q6DT to render shadow detailing that pops.

3.       Viewing angles

The Samsung Q60T has narrow viewing angles, like most VA panels. At 40 degrees from the center, the TV dims and its colors start to wash out. Black colors lose their depth and start to turn grey at 20 degrees from the center.

This is not the type of TV that will cater to a big group of friends that want to watch a game.

4.       Screen uniformity

Black and grey uniformity are near-perfect, with no trace of dirty screen effect. You may notice a little darkening around the edges of a grey screen. However, a black screen remains uniform with little light bleed or clouding. These qualities point to a screen that’s great for sports, where the field is usually a uniform color, right?

5.       Motion handling

As for motion handling, the Q6DT delivers a mixed bag. The pixels take a long time to change colors, which causes motion blur in fast-action content. That said the panels boast a low input lag of 10ms in game mode; a quality that gamers would appreciate.


  • The display is bright enough to deliver HDR content
  • Adequate anti-glare allows you to use the Q6DT in a bright room
  • Wide color gamut allows for accurate color reproduction
  • Excellent screen uniformity and no dirty screen effect
  • Low input lag


  • High response time can lead to motion blur
  • No variable refresh rate, a feature that gamers will miss
  • Lack of local dimming limits the display’s rendering of contrast
  • Narrow viewing angles
  • Good for a mid-range QLED TV

Samsung Q6DT review verdict: This new release is an effort to upgrade picture

The Samsung Q6DT review shows a TV with excellent color accuracy and lifelike texture. All other features of the display are similar to existing QLED televisions from Samsung. Click here to learn more about this TV.

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