Insignia 65-inch Fire TV Review: One of the Best Bargains Out There

Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review

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It didn’t take long into our Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review to figure out that this television scores high regarding user experience, usability, and quality. It’s a budget TV that delivers on the main metrics people who are interested in budget televisions focus on. You don’t get all the fancy bells and whistles premium TVs come with, but you get everything else that matters. That’s probably why finding retailers that have this TV in stock can be challenging. They seem to fly off shelves as soon as retailers add them to their inventory.

Let’s dive right into our Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review to determine how well this television performs compared to other similarly priced 65-inches.

Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review: First thoughts

Insignia’s 65-inch TV comes with a thick metal and plastic frame that surrounds all four sides of the frame. It also comes with two small stands that provide decent stability if you don’t have children or pets running around the place. The TV’s back panel has 400 x 300 VESA mounting holes if you prefer to mount it on a wall.

Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review

The build quality is decent, but the TV’s bottom end gets hot when in use. The stands are made out of plastic and are as stable as most stands you’ll find on newer TV models. The stand doesn’t leave much room between the table and the TV, which can interfere with soundbar placement, but there is some wobble when you push the TV. The Insignia Fire TV is available in 75, 65, 55, 50, and 43 inches.

Controls and ports

The bottom bezel of the Insignia 65-inch TV comes with an extension panel that holds an ON/OFF button for the microphone. There’s a second bottom that serves as the television’s power switch. That same button can be used to cycle through inputs. Some of the ports you get with this TV include:

  • A USB port
  • Three HDMI 2.0 ports (one eARC)
  • Cable/antenna connector
  • Digital output port
  • Infrared emitter jack
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Ethernet jack

The Insignia 65-inch television has wireless dual Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. It’s also compatible with device casting.

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Smart features

Insignia’s 65-inch television comes with an easy-to-navigate smart interface. It’s simple enough for people who have no experience with smart TVs to use, and the engine responds to inputs immediately. It’s a feature you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever used a smart TV that takes a few seconds to respond to commands.

A large selection of games, productivity tools, and streaming apps make it more than your standard smart TV operating system. The one downside of the Fire TV engine is the intrusive ads from amazon.

Other noteworthy smart engine features that come with this TV include:

  • Integrates with your ring doorbell: The Insignia 65-inch TV comes with a picture-in-picture mode that allows the live feed to pop up on the screen whenever someone approaches your door camera. You can also set up the TV to show multiple feeds from your security system when triggered
  • Smart home dashboard: This feature displays graphical representations of all your compatible smart home devices. It allows you to use the television as a hum to control and access each device connected to it
  • Accessibility tools: The Insignia 65-inch TV also comes with accessibility tools for those with impairments like audio description for visual content, a screen reader, and voice commands
  • Screen sharing and casting: You can effortlessly cast screams from your electronic devices like smartphones on the Insignia TV. It also supports Apple Airplay
  • Picture quality and hardware: The Insignia television provides sharp, detailed content. It comes with 290 nits peak brightness level, HDR capabilities, and a 60Hz refresh rate. You won’t have any complaints about picture quality
  • Speakers: The Insignia 65-inch has two eight-watt speakers that provide decent audio. It also has an internal mic that allows you to use voice commands. You’ll need to get a soundbar if you want cinema-quality pictures


  • Can beat the price
  • Easy-to-use, well-designed interface
  • Lots of productivity tools and streaming apps
  • Smart hub
  • Automatically switches to the game mode when gaming
  • Integration with Ring and Amazon home security system
  • Low input lag


  • Annoying ads from Amazon you can’t get rid off
  • No local dimming limits HDR capabilities
  • Narrow viewing angles

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Insignia 65-inch Fire TV review: Lots of bang for your buck

The Insignia 65-inch television gives you excellent picture quality that suits most people’s needs. You also get a fast, easy-to-navigate interface that anyone new to smart TVs will appreciate. You’ll have a hard time finding a better deal for its price. Click here to learn more about this TV.

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