Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV Review

Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review

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Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review goes over the company’s latest entry into the budget smart television space. The model is available in a variety of sizes including 24, 32, 40, and 50 inches. It’s an LED-powered television that gives you 1080p full high-definition pictures.

Let’s dive right into our Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review to see if this budget television is worth shelling out a couple of hundred bucks for. 

Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review: First thoughts

Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review

The D-series has everything you would want in a TV like crystal clear pictures and a wide range of smart features. It comes with full-array LED backlight that gives you excellent light uniformity and picture performance when watching media.

It comes with two inbuilt stands and 200 mm x 200 mm VESA mounting holes if you prefer to have your TV hanging on a wall.

Smart features

Like most Smart TVs, the D-series model comes with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to stream content directly on the TV. It’s loaded with all the popular apps like YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Pandora, and Netflix. The layout of the Smart interface is clutter-free, allowing you to navigate through the different apps with ease.

The D-series comes with SmartCast OS that features Google Voice Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control the TV with voice commands. It makes it easier to sort through the over 100,000 movies, TV shows, and documentaries available on the various apps.

Fast-action scenes like sports or gameplay run smoothly thanks to the enhanced motion clarity feature. It comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate which is excellent for gaming. It also comes with USB and HDMI ports so you can connect all of your devices to the TV.

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The sound quality is nothing spectacular on this TV, but we’ve come to expect that from budget TVs. The savings have to come from somewhere, no? You can always upgrade the audio with a soundbar if the inbuilt speakers fail to meet your standard. You can get one of those for less than a hundred bucks.

Other noteworthy features of the D-series televisions include:

  • Two HDMI ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Composite port
  • A TV tuner
  • ARC port
  • Analog audio out port
  • Digital audio out port
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • Supports Spanish, French, and English
  • Two 8W speakers
  • 200 mm x 200 mm VESA mounting pattern


  • Affordable TV with good picture quality
  • Loaded with popular apps
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Some might not be pleased with only 1080p picture quality
  • Weak speakers
  • The Smart engine is prone to freezing and crashing

Vizio D-series 40-Inch Smart TV review: Performs as you would expect

Vizio’s D-series gives you all you would expect from a Smart TV, but it won’t blow your mind away with features you’ve never seen before. Picture quality is good enough at 1080p and the 120 Hz refresh rate makes it a good choice for gamers.

You probably don’t want to make one of these televisions your main living room TV, but it works well as a bedroom, guestroom, or dorm room TV. Click here to learn more about this TV.

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