Lenovo Flex 7i Review: Versatile, Travel-size, Powerful

Lenovo Flex 7i review

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This Lenovo Flex 7i review gives an insight into wallet-friendly laptops that advertise power, style, and longevity.

A quick look at the specs of the Lenovo Flex 7i reveals hardware that is capable of handling demanding workloads. An evaluation of the laptop will showcase different aspects of the machine’s performance. We start by going over the checklist that qualifies the Lenovo Flex 7i as the type of laptop that flies the Intel Evo flag.

Lenovo Flex 7i review: How this convertible laptop hol[ds up to the Intel Evo standard

Many PC manufacturers consider Intel Evo certification to be a badge of honor and a reputational boost for their brands. To earn the badge, prospective Intel Evo laptops must meet requirements like:

  • Lightweight laptops that weigh in at 1.5 Kg (give or take)
  • At a minimum, the product should carry a 12th-generation Intel H-series processor array
  • A minimum screen resolution of 1080p
  • Battery life of at least nine hours under moderate use  
  • Ultra-thin bezels
  • The chassis should also be portable, with a sleek, compact design

From the checklist, we see that Intel’s Evo standard looks to cram high-performance hardware into a portable exterior. If you’re considering Lenovo’s Flex 7i, you should know that the laptop checks all the boxes on the list. This means that you’ll find an Intel Evo badge on the latest model of the Lenovo Flex series.

Lenovo Flex 7i review

Lenovo Flex 7i review: Design and build

The Lenovo Flex 7i combines plastic and aluminum elements to form a sturdy, lightweight chassis. At a glance, this convertible laptop cuts a slim side profile with rounded edges and dark hues. Both sides of the deckhouse have prominent vents and a selection of ports.

Just as important are the solid 360-degree hinges that support the laptop’s transformer abilities. The hinges let you fold the Flex 7i into a tent when you want to use the touchscreen as a digital display. You can also fold the deck backward and use it as a stand for the screen. This makes the Lenovo Flex a useful companion; whether you’re updating a spreadsheet on the fly or reading a recipe as you cook.

Most importantly, the Lenovo Flex 7i is sturdy enough to deliver years of good, solid performance. The hinges are tough enough to withstand years of folding and the aluminum lid forms a protective shell around the screen.

The deck

Backlit keys with a decent amount of travel are the highlight of the Flex 7i deck. In contrast, the touchpad needs patience as you figure out how to move the cursor with precision. On the bright side, the touchpad is roomy, with support for multi-touch inputs. Long-time Lenovo users will find the deck to be a near-duplicate of their old notebooks.

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A wireless adapter with WiFi 6 capability allows you to make full use of the fastest, most robust networks out there. You also have your pick of the following ports:

  • One USB-C (Thunderbolt 4) port
  • Two USB-A ports
  • An HDMI 1.4 port
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • SSD slot

One of the USB-A ports doubles as the laptop’s power port, so charging the battery effectively leaves you with a single port.

Lenovo Flex 7i review: Processor and graphics card

The Flex 7i runs on a 12th-generation Core i7 processor from Intel’s H-series lineup. This processor array has 10 cores that work best when performing single-thread tasks. At its most optimal, the ten-core processor will run 12 threads without breaking a sweat.

Mid-tier notebooks like the Lenovo Flex tend to carry integrated graphics cards that lean on CPU resources. In the case of the Flex 7i, you get a GPU from Intel’s Tiger Lake product line. The 12th Gen Intel Iris Xe G7 will handle moderate workloads like basic 3D rendering or video editing.

However, the GPU becomes overwhelmed when you play demanding AAA gaming titles. The Intel Iris Xe G7 barely reaches clock speeds of 1,500MHz, so titles like Cyberpunk and Call of Duty 2022 are pretty much out of reach.

Memory and storage

Some configurations of the Flex 7i will come with 256GB or 512GB worth of storage. For a little extra, you get an even larger (1TB) SSD, which is the version you should choose.

Unlike the laptop’s SSD storage, the memory on the 7i is non-removable. Lenovo saw fit to solder this 16GB DDR4 card directly onto the laptop’s board. Note that both the CPU and GPU share this 4.2GHz RAM, which explains the GPU limitations during gaming. However, this is an acceptable tradeoff when you consider the attractive pricing of the Lenovo Flex product line.


In keeping with Intel Evo requirements, the screen of the Lenovo Flex has thin, barely-visible bezels. The 15-inch touchscreen continues to impress with 2.2K resolution and an expansive color gamut. This IPS panel is also bright enough for most spaces, and it will handle anything but direct sunlight. The only downside of this screen is middling reflection handling that could interfere with visibility.

A 60Hz refresh rate is adequate for most gaming titles and it’s only the graphics card that would hold you back.

Battery life

You get nine hours of battery life with moderate use, which is a standard requirement for Intel Evo laptops. Even better, a 15-minute turbo-charge can extend the battery life by two hours. It bears repeating that these numbers only hold with light and moderate loads.


  • User-removable storage
  • High-performance CPU that can handle most tasks
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Tough, solid hinges that can handle the user demands of a convertible laptop
  • Capable battery


  • The integrated GPU has limitations when it comes to handling demanding graphics tasks
  • No option to upgrade the memory
  • The keys of Lenovo Flex laptops are a little shallow

Lenovo Flex 7i review verdict: Great performance at a great price

This Lenovo Flex 7i review finds a laptop that has everything going for it. A sleek design and a feather-light chassis carry processors that pack a powerful punch. The icing on the cake is a 2.2K touchscreen that delivers top-tier image quality. Best of all, this edgy, mid-tier laptop has a price tag that will leave your wallet in a good mood. In other words, you have every reason to give the Lenovo Flex 7i a second look. Click here to learn more about this laptop.

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