Sony A8H 65-Inch TV Review: Great Pricing, Peerless Picture

Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review

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This Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review explores the performance of an OLED TV that promises value for money. The A8H series is a 2020 release that provides a more affordable alternative to the top-tier A9H series of the same year. However, the A8H only comes in 55” and 65”, and the pricing reflects the large sizes.

This doesn’t take away from the fact that the product line is affordable for a premium OLED TV. The TV also promises an enjoyable, immersive user experience. Let’s check out the features and performance metrics of the A8H and find out if it delivers.

Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review: Premium build for a high-end panel

The solid, metallic chassis of the A8H ensures a TV that will serve you for many years. Its boxy, angular side-profile is a departure from the smooth lines that many manufacturers continue to adopt. At first glance, you should be looking at a paper-thin edge that expands into a thicker panel. Still, this paper-thin screen carrying a backpack full of TV guts is only 2.17 inches at its widest. That’s thin enough to hug your wall if you choose to mount it.

Height-adjustable TV legs allow the Sony A8H to sit flush on your entertainment stand. The legs also come with grooves for cable management.

The back panel extension holds a 300×300 VESA wall mount pattern. It also has two sets of inputs.

Ports and connectivity

Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review

The outward-facing ports allow for easy access from the left side of the TV. You can easily reach a 3.5mm audio jack, composite video ports, two USB ports, and an HDMI port.

All the other inputs sit in a nearby, rear-facing inset. They face downwards, meaning you’ll have to do a little contortion to reach them. These inputs consist of three HDMI ports, a serial port, a USB port, and an Ethernet jack. There’s also a coax connector for your cable box or antenna.

Android 9.0 for TV

Few TV interfaces come with the wealth of apps that is the Google play store. This means that the A8H can act like a TV, a smart-home hub, and your own personal PA. Google Assistant and Alexa are at your service, all at the press of your remote’s microphone button.

The interface customizes itself as it learns your usage patterns and viewing preferences. It is smooth and responsive, taking an average of 2 seconds to execute your typical menu selections. 

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Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review: Hardware and picture quality

The A8H is a 120Hz OLED panel. This means that each pixel is its backlight and the viewing angles of the TV are excellent. How does the panel perform when you take it through its paces?

1.       Color

Sony’s OLED panels have wide native color palettes that allow for precise color reproduction. You’ll be happy with the color accuracy right out of the box; no need for diving into the on-screen menu to tweak the color temperature or anything like that.

The impressive brightness levels of the TV only add to the selection of color that the TV can render.

2.       Brightness, contrast, and HDR

‘Wow’ is the word that best describes the ability of the A8H to light up a scene. This OLED panel can reach peak brightness levels of 650 nits. The TV also does a great job of varying light intensity in adjacent regions.

Couple this with absolute black levels of zero nits, and you have infinite contrast. The result is an enthusiast’s dream. HDR content looks spectacular, with a level of detail that tricks your eyes into believing they’re looking through a window. Shadow detail looks just as good, thanks to pin-point dimming and precision lighting.

3.       Reflection handling

The brightness of the Sony A8H allows it to counter bright ambient light. Expect little or no reflection from this TV.

4.       Viewing angles

OLED panels have good viewing angles, with slight color shifts and minimal loss of brightness. This makes the Sony A8H a good choice for people who like to have friends over for movie nights or a big game.

5.       Motion handling

The Sony A8H has one of the best response times in the market. It takes less than 3ms for a pixel to change colors. Compare that with an average of 10ms for high-performance screens. This is one of many perks of an OLED panel, where every pixel is its backlight.

Clever image processing keeps the innate speed of the panel from outpacing the input source. Where necessary, the TV brain will insert black frames and smooth motion.

Game mode delivers the most impressive input lag that the TV can provide. It takes less than 20 milliseconds for the panel to react to your input. This is a passable reaction speed to input commands, but a 20ms lag can only hold up to casual gaming. A gamer will need a faster screen, preferably one with a variable refresh rate. Still, the TV does a great job with fast-action content.


  • Solid build
  • Adjustable legs with allowances for cable management
  • The Android interface is customizable and feature-rich 
  • Accurate color reproduction, thanks to an expansive color palette
  • Rich, true-to-life color
  • Excellent execution of HDR content
  • Excellent execution of detail in bright and dark scenes
  • Wide viewing angles


  • The boxy, angular side profile may underwhelm people who like a sleek design
  • OLED panels come with a risk of burn-in, so be careful to avoid long spells of unchanging content
  • Gamers will notice a lack of variable refresh rate, an omission that could cause screen tearing in specific gaming scenarios

Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review verdict: Worth every penny

The 65-inch Sony A8H is everything you could wish for in a TV. Being an OLED panel, the A8H delivers breathtaking pictures and a level of detail that is hard to beat. It is bright enough to handle bright ambient light while executing beautiful HDR content. The limitless features of the Android platform give you access to a world of content and valuable tools. Even better, the smoothness of the interface makes for an enjoyable user experience.

So, if you’re wondering if this TV is worth a second look, the answer is: absolutely. The verdict of today’s Sony A8H 65-Inch TV review is: Worth it. Click here to learn more about this television.

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