Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones WHCH710N Review

Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review

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This Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review is a useful read for anyone looking for a good deal. Keep going to find out if and why you should buy the headphones.

Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review: Out of the box

The first thing you’ll notice about these headphones is how light they are. At only 218 grams, they promise to do their job by melting away; leaving only a pair of floating earpieces. Memory foam coats the arch and earpieces, making the headphones that much more comfortable. That’s not all we noticed during our Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review.

Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review

As design goes, the earphones look a little clunky, and they will be noticeable in your silhouette. The material that goes into the build of the headphones is not premium plastic, but it works fine. Lastly, the headphones will swivel to 90 degrees, but they lack the hinges that would allow them to fold inwards.

Inputs, controls, and ease of use

Playback controls sit on the outside of the right ear cup. They come in a panel with a row of three buttons right at the center. The middle button starts and pauses playback. It also receives and ends calls. The flank buttons navigate playback. There’s also a fourth control that toggles between ambient and active noise canceling modes.

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Bluetooth and codecs

The only codec the Sony WHCH710N headphones support is the AAC codec that is the Bluetooth default. It’s puzzling that Sony didn’t add their proprietary codec on there.

That said, the headphones boast a strong Bluetooth connection that can withstand some distance (30 feet) and a little interference. Pairing the headphones with your device is as easy as a long-press of the power button or using the NFC feature.


The memory foam around the ear cups are the first line of defense in keeping noise from reaching your ears. It works great. Next comes the electronic noise cancellation. That too works so well that you can get on a noisy ride and still experience great, clear sound without any of that unwelcome ambiance.

Sound quality

The earphones are a little light on bass frequencies. This takes away from those thrilling, detailed bass elements in your favorite bass-heavy song.  The mid-range frequencies and the high trebles are also lacking in the sound palette department. That’s not to say that a little tweak of the equalizer settings won’t result in major improvements.


Your voice on the other end of a phone call will sound compressed. This may have more to do with the compression that comes with the Bluetooth connection than with the microphone in the Sony WHCH710N.


Sony advertises 35 hours of playback from a full battery. The good news is that the headphones can last even longer with moderate usage and at moderate volume.


  • Light and comfortable
  • Robust Bluetooth connection
  • The earphones do a good job of noise-canceling
  • Long battery life


  • The earpieces don’t fold inward at the hinges
  • Build quality could be more solid
  • AAC is the only codec the earphones support. Despite the WHCH710N being a Sony product, this pair of headphones lacks support for Sony’s LDAC codec

Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review verdict: Value for your money

This Sony noise-canceling headphones WHCH710N review finds that the product comes as advertised. The pricing of the headphones will more than makes up for your inability to fold in the earpieces at the hinges. Click here to learn more about these headphones.

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