Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV Review

Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review

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Our Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review closely examines the features and performance of one of the most affordable 65-inch televisions on the market. It’s a great way to get into 4K smart TVs, and it gives you everything you would expect to find in a budget smart TV and a bit more.

Let’s just into our Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review to learn why this television is one of the top-selling TVs in the world.

Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review: First thoughts

The Westinghouse 65-inch comes with a flat, grey plastic bezel that’s about a quarter inch on the top and sides and half an inch on the bottom. It comes with V-shape metal legs that give the television moderate stability. Like most newer model TVs, you’d be better off mounting it on a wall.

Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review

There’s a cool little joystick on the lower right corner at the back of the TV you can use to navigate the smart TV if you can’t find the remote. There are a bunch of ports at the edge of the TV, like an SD card slot, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port, four HDMI ports, headphone jack, optical audio output, composite and component video inputs, cable/antenna connector, an ethernet port.

Voice remote

The TV comes with a typical Roku remote and a built-in microphone for voice commands. You can use voice commands to perform any task you want on the TV, like searching through the many apps, and there are many buttons if you prefer the old-fashioned way.

The Westinghouse 65-inch is integrated with Alexa Voice Assistant to manage your daily activities, order items online, play music, or manage other smart devices in your home.

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Smart interface

The Westinghouse 65-inch TV comes with the standard Roku interface with a few additional menu options for accessing features specific to the television. It’s loaded with all the apps you would expect these days, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.


With a 4,915: 1 contrast ratio and 344.03cd/m2 peak brightness, the Westinghouse 65-inch Roku delivers better performance than you would get from your average budget TV. However, it’s not exactly built for gaming, with a 70.7ms input lag. The inbuilt gaming mode doesn’t make it much better.


  • Great picture quality
  • You can’t beat the price
  • Roku interface
  • Voice commands


  • High input lag
  • Colors are sometimes undersaturated

Westinghouse 65-inch Roku TV review verdict: You get more than you pay for

Westinghouse’s 65-inch TV won’t blow you away with its features, but it gives you more features than you pay for. It gives you everything you need if you’re looking for a TV for mostly watching shows and broadcasts. Click here to learn more about this TV.

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