The Beast Netflix Review: Good Action, Meh Storyline

The Beast Netflix Review

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Our The Beast Netflix review takes a close look at its storyline centered around a special forces operator who has a few scores to settle with gangsters who kidnapped his daughter.

Let’s dive right into our The Beast Netflix review to determine if this show is good enough to cause you to lose track of time.

The Beast Netflix Review: First thoughts

The main character Leonida Riva – Fabrizio Gifuni – is a former special forces operator for the Italian military with enough PTSD for an entire battalion. He’s tried everything from therapy to drugs but that hasn’t been enough to stop his life from spiraling out of control.

A brain lapse from our hero’s son leads to his young daughter being kidnapped on a trip to the gelato spot. The cops promise to find the bad guys, but our hero can’t let all that special forces training to go to waste, right?

The show features Riva roaming the streets looking for leads about his daughter’s whereabouts while putting fear in the hearts of bad guys all over the city. The beast is on the prowl, and he won’t stop until he finds his little girl. He doesn’t seem to care much about laws or rules either. The cops better stay out of his way or they’ll be next.

Verdict: Basic stuff

The Beast doesn’t have enough interesting storylines to keep you sucked in for hours. You might enjoy the nudity and action, but similar storylines have been done many times. Crazy ex-military hero, bad guy kidnaps daughter, and the hero goes berserk on bad guys until a happy reunion with his daughter. Yawn…

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