ZVOX AV157 Soundbar Review

ZVOX AV157 soundbar review

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Our ZVOX AV157 soundbar review explores the features and performance of this top-end sound system that brings cinema-quality audio to any TV. It is powered by the manufacturer’s SuperVoice technology that makes dialogues in content being watched clearer.

Let’s jump right into our ZVOX AV157 soundbar review and find out if this sound bar lives up to the promises made by its makers.

ZVOX AV157 soundbar review: First thoughts

ZVOX AV157 soundbar review

The 157 focuses on delivering clear audio quality that remains that way regardless of how high you turn up the volume. Most sound systems lose audio clarity as the volume goes up since non-vocal background sounds also go up with the volume.

The 157 uses ZVOX’s SuperVoice technology to separate voices from other audio in a soundtrack, then it manipulates the sounds with its AccuVoice technology, similarly to the way a hearing aid works. You end up with voices that stick out from the rest of the track, leading to improved voice clarity.

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Surround sound

The 157 comes with three 2 x 3 inches 24W full speakers that fill up any room in your home and deliver PhaseCue 3D surround sound. The system is easy to install, and it comes with a remote control that is used to set things up and control the audio. You simply insert a wire into your television and plug the device in the wall.

Finding the perfect place to place the 157 is never a challenge given its size. It can be placed on or below the TV and it has a stylish look to it.

ZVOX Output Leveling

This cool feature deserves its column. The process makes loud sounds softer, helping to prevent jarring moments like when a commercial that is louder than the content you are watching comes on. The feature also boosts the audio from Blu Ray and DVD players that do not come with high-enough volume settings.

ZVOX AV157 soundbar review: Great for any TV

The 157 gets the job done when it comes to increasing the audio from your television. It turns any set into a powerful audio system that can fill up your entire home, and it takes voice clarity to the next level. Click here to learn more about this soundbar.

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