Samsung HW-Q67CT Review

Samsung HW-Q67CT review

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Our Samsung HW-Q67CT review explores how this sound system significantly improves the audio of your home entertaining system like your Smart TV. An audio system allows you to turn the audio from any television into theatre-quality audio.

Let’s jump right into our Samsung HW-Q67CT review so we can explore if this home entertainment system is the solution to all your home audio problems.

Samsung HW-Q67CT review: First thoughts

It is virtually impossible to find a television with good audio these days unless you are willing to spend a few thousand bucks.

Samsung HW-Q67CT review

TV makers typically look to make cuts with the audio systems of their products to make them more affordable for the average user. The strategy has worked since soundbars and home audio systems can easily be connected to most modern TVs. A soundbar shouldn’t be confused with a true sound system though. When it comes to getting the best audio quality, a full home entertainment audio system is the right device for the job. With these, you get to enjoy explosions in movies as they were intended to be, and you can party loud enough to get your neighbors to call the cops on you.

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The Q67CT comes with everything you need to take your home audio to the next level. There’s a 38.6-inch Acoustic Beam Soundbar that can be connected wirelessly to your television if it supports Bluetooth. It also comes with a subwoofer and two rear speakers that allow you to enjoy high-quality bass even with the volume turned up high. It comes with a remote that you use to set things up and control the devices. There’s also an optical cable and an HDMI cable that can be used to connect the audio devices to the television.

All these components combine to give you 3D sound emersion and 3D surround sound. These components can all be connected to your TV wirelessly so you get to avoid having to deal with messy cables.

The Q67CT comes with DTS Virtual: X technology that turns the sound coming out of your TV into theatre quality sounds. It’s also integrated with Samsung’s proprietary Acoustic Beam technology which mixes sounds to ensure they appear exactly when the corresponding visuals are being shown.

Gamers will appreciate the immersion theatre-quality 3D sounds provide as they enjoy their favorite gaming consoles. Sounds are optimized and players even get clear directional sound that gives them an edge against other players.

It’s all controlled by an easy-to-use remote that gives you full control over the audio coming out of your system.

Samsung HW-Q67CT review verdict: Great for any TV

The Q67CT is an affordable way to turn the audio from any television into the type of audio you expect when you go to the movies. The timing of its release couldn’t be better since many large-screen TVs are going for only a couple of hundred bucks for the holidays. Many of these budget large TVs have excellent picture quality but poor audio. The Q67CT solves that problem. Click here to learn more about this audio system.

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