LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 Review: Take Your Audio to the Next Level

LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review

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Our LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review is for anyone who is looking for a way to take the subpar audio coming out of their TV to the next level. This soundbar and subwoofer kit gets you immersive, theatre-quality audio.

Let’s jump right into our LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review and explore the performance, features, and specifications of this top-selling soundbar.

LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review: First thoughts

The SN7R gives you full surround sound. It comes with 5.1.2 channels, DTS:X, and Dolby Atmos®. It features MERIDIAN sound technology, one of the top makers of high-resolution audio devices. It combines cutting-edge hardware design and advanced signal processing to deliver expanded audio with more depth, width, and height.

LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review

LG’s popular soundbar utilizes Dolby Atmos technology that was designed for cinemas. It allows you to hear every word, sound, and note coming out of your TV. It pumps out immersive, powerful audio that flows all over your body, making you feel like you’re the center of the action. The 5.1.2 channel surround sound expansion works with the two rear speakers to deliver 360 sound. These speakers can be wirelessly connected to the soundbar, allowing you to avoid having to deal with messy cables.

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The SN7R gives you high-resolution audio that sounds real. The AI Sound Pro feature automatically adapts your settings to match whatever you are watching. It allows you to always hear cinema-quality audio without constantly having to make adjustments to optimize the sound quality.

You get all the connections you need to get the most out of your television like HDMI ARC, an optical audio port, and Bluetooth.


  • Full surround sound
  • Cinema-quality audio
  • AI automatically adjusts settings to match what you’re watching
  • Speakers can be wirelessly connected


  • One of the pricier soundbars on the market except when on sale

LG SN7R 35 5.1.2 review: Great for any TV

The SN7R35 takes the audio of any television to the level. It’s a premium soundbar that takes your movie watching and gaming to the next level. It gives you full surround sound you can feel all over your body. You can even hear sounds coming from above. Click here to learn more about this soundbar.  

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