Hisense U6H Review: Punches Above Its Price Range

Hisense U6H review

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Every Hisense U6H review you come across will mention the features and affordable pricing of this QLED product line. We go further and take a deep dive into what the features and specifications of the Hisense U6H QLED TV mean for you, the user.

Hisense U6H review: What to expect from a mid-range QLED TV

Image quality and motion handling are easily the most critical performance metrics of any TV. User experience and smart TV features come in at a close second. Being a QLED panel, the Hisense U6H should excel at displaying all content, no matter the type or format.

Modern televisions like the Hisense U6H also have rich user interfaces with vast collections of apps and features. These smart TV platforms define themselves by their speed, responsiveness, and selection of useful features.

Here’s how the Hisense U6H QLED TV performs on each of the four counts.

Build quality and design

Hisense U6H review

You’ll appreciate the sleek, lightweight frame of the Hisense U6H. The 50-inch TV is light enough for a one-person physical installation. This doesn’t mean that the build quality of the U6H series is in any way flimsy. The chassis of the U6H is sturdy plastic housing with a solid cover on the lower half of the back panel.

At three inches at its thickest point, the Hisense U6 is slim enough for a neat wall mount installation. The TV may not hug the wall like a painting, but it still looks good. You may choose to place the TV on an entertainment stand instead, in which case a pair of metal legs will provide solid support. The legs come with clips that you can use to manage your cables.

There are two sets of ports on the left side of the TV, a design choice that allows you to access the ports without hassle.


The four HDMI 2.0 ports on the Hisense U6H will transmit 4K content at a maximum frame rate of 60fps. HDMI 1 carries eARC capability that turns the U6H into a channel that routes sound between devices.

In addition, the Hisense U6H panel carries the following ports:

  • Coax connector for cable/antenna
  • Composite AV port
  • USB port
  • Ethernet jack
  • Digital optical output
  • 3.5mm audio jack

A wireless adapter provides dual-band WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth. Wireless connectivity allows casting and screen sharing from your mobile device to the TV screen.

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Hisense U6H review: User interface

One version of the Hisense U6H runs Fire TV, while a second version carries Google’s smart TV platform.

Fire TV

People that already use and enjoy Fire TV may prefer Amazon’s platform. Still, it’s worth noting that Amazon intrudes on your viewing experience with ads that can take up the whole screen. The intrusive ads exist side by side with perks like:

  • Native compatibility for Ring home security system
  • A convenient and powerful dashboard that turns the Hisense U6H into a hub for compatible smart home devices
  • Numerous streaming apps and Alexa skills are available in the Fire TV store

Google TV

Google TV is a smooth, responsive platform with a vast collection of streaming apps and productivity tools. The versatile interface is compatible with Alexa and Google’s voice assistant, meaning you can control different brands of smart devices.

Hisense U6H review: Hardware and performance

The Hisense U6H is a 60Hz QLED display with direct-array local dimming. Dozens of dimming zones give the TV hardware the flexibility to create precision contrast without light bleedthrough in darker regions of an image.

The U6H panel has a wide color gamut thanks to quantum dot technology that delivers billions of shades and hues. The TV also has an impressive peak brightness level of 600 nits, enough to execute high-fidelity HDR images. Here’s how the Hisense U6H performs from a user perspective:

Color, contrast, and detail

QLED panels are famous for accurate color reproduction, and the U6H is no exception. What’s more, the colors you see on the screen are rich, vivid, and nearly matched to their digital sources.

Small local dimming zones enable the TV to execute deep blacks and brilliant colors right next to each other. The result is stark contrast that delivers depth, texture, and fine detail that could almost leap off the screen.

Screen uniformity

While the U6H has near-perfect black uniformity, gray screens are slightly uneven. This translates to a likelihood of dirty screen effect as you watch content with large areas of uniform color. You may notice a football pitch with brown patches, but you can correct the fault by tweaking the contrast settings.

Reflection handling

The screen of the Hisense U6H has a matte finish that deflects and diffuses glare away from your eyes.  

Motion handling

QLED panels like the U6H have nimble pixels that change color in an electrical instant. This translates into a quick response time (12ms), which all but eliminates the likelihood of motion blur. You may notice a little dark residue in rapid dark-to-bright transitions.

An input lag of 10ms ensures that the TV responds instantly to your commands and source signals from connected devices. You get a responsive user interface and smooth, responsive gameplay. Auto low latency mode activates the minute you start using your gaming console. The feature lowers the input lag even further in game mode.


A pair of 10-watt speakers are responsible for the sound output coming directly from the TV. The drivers sound decent enough, but an external sound system will fully utilize the panel’s capabilities. Specifically, the Hisense U6H supports Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual X, which can create an immersive audio experience with the right sound system.


  • Maximum bang for your buck
  • A wide color palette that makes for near-perfect color reproduction
  • Excellent black levels that deliver good contrast
  • The Hisense U6H is bright enough to deliver high-quality HDR content
  • HDMI 2.1 capability supports high frame-rate, high-resolution, fast action content
  • Low input lag and response time lets the TV execute smooth, blur-free motion
  • Auto low-latency mode (ALLM) helps with smoother, faster gameplay
  • VRR prevents screen tearing in console and PC games


  • The Fire TV version of the Hisense U6H comes with Amazon’s signature ad intrusion
  • Narrow viewing angles means the picture degrades when you move to the side of the TV
  • You may need to update the U6H software (FireTV) for the VRR feature to kick in
  • Possibility of dirty screen effect when local contrast enhancement is active

Hisense U6H review: Worth every penny, and then some

The attractive pricing of the Hisense U6H series is one of many reasons to choose a TV from this product line. Excellent picture quality and a smooth user interface only sweeten the deal.

This Hisense U6H review finds a TV that outperforms its competition, both within and above its price range. Our only recommendation is that you choose the version of the Hisense U6H that runs Google TV. Click here to learn more about this television.

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