Best Budget 65-Inch TV: How to Get Maximum Bang for Your Buck

best budget 65-inch TV

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Finding the best budget 65-inch TV takes time and a good amount of legwork, so we created a list that makes your decision much easier. Go through our list of best budget 65-inch TVs to work towards a smart, satisfying purchase. We start with the selling points and deal breakers of the brands that made our list.

Best budget 65-inch TV: What to look for in a widescreen display

Picture quality should be your top consideration as you look for the best television in your price range. Next, pick a user interface with the features and apps that are important to you. If you’re a gamer, stay on the lookout for a display with good motion handling and additional features that enhance your gaming experience. This means that you should evaluate a TV by the following metrics:

  • Color accuracy and contrast
  • Viewing angles
  • Motion handling (how fast the panel responds to input signals)
  • Smart features and content
  • Placement and selection of input ports (design)
  • Build quality

Design and build quality are equally important when you want a durable, easy-to-operate TV. The physical controls, ports, and IR sensor should be easy to reach. Similarly, the TV legs should be stable, and the panel should hug the wall if you choose to mount it. With our checklist in hand, let’s look at the best budget 65-inch TV sets around:

1.     TCL 5-Series

best budget 65-inch TV

The 65-inch TCL 5-series is a QLED TV with good picture quality that holds up for all kinds of content. Even better, the display runs Google TV, an interface that boasts a vast selection of streaming apps and productivity tools. Let’s go through the highlights of the TCL 5-series:

1.1 Color, contrast, and support for HDR content

QLED panels like the TCL 5-series have excellent color accuracy, thanks to quantum dot technology and a wide color gamut. This translates into rich, vivid colors that breathe life into your favorite nature show or movie.

The TCL 5-series is also bright enough to enhance the native color palette, making for crisp, high-fidelity HDR content. This TV is bright enough to handle reflection and glare as you watch content in a bright room. At the same time, the TCL 5-series can get very dark, allowing it to render excellent contrast. A contrast ratio of 8000:1 means the TV does a good job executing intricate details and highlights.

1.2 Viewing angles and picture accuracy

The TCL 5-series is a VA panel with narrow viewing angles that affect how an image looks at an angle. At 40 degrees from the center, the picture dims, and the colors shift. This should be a consideration for anyone who likes to host a group of friends for movie night or a sports event.

1.3   Motion handling, fast-paced content, and gaming

Low input lag means that the 65-inch TCL 5-series responds to user input instantly. This makes for smooth navigation as you use the Google TV interface.  Gameplay is just as smooth, thanks to a screen that reacts to signals from your gaming rig in less than 15 milliseconds.

The pixels are equally quick to change color as the panel processes the signals feed that is your content. This means zero motion blur as fast-moving images streak across the screen. It gets better with enhancements that improve your gaming experience, namely:

  • VRR (variable refresh rate to prevent screen tearing during gaming)
  • FreeSync compatibility
  • Automatic game mode activation when the TV detects an active gaming console

The TCL 5-series has a native refresh rate of 60Hz, making it perfect for any 60fps game titles on your gaming console. Unfortunately, 120 fps games do not render as seamlessly as their 60 fps cousins.

1.4 Inputs and smart features

You can connect at least four devices to the TCL 5-series 65-inch TV. Three HDMI and an optical port provide flexibility as you assemble your home entertainment setup. Read what others are saying about this TV.

2.     Samsung AU8000

best budget 65-inch TV

The 65-inch Samsung AU8000 is a good companion for those who like to watch TV shows. Movie night will be an immersive experience, thanks to the panel’s vibrant colors, deep blacks, and high contrast ratio. The Samsung AU8000 also does a decent job in a bright room, thanks to a matte screen finish that performs excellent reflection handling.

Sports fans may notice that the AU8000 generates slight motion blur during fast-paced games. This comes down to the pixels that are a little slow to change color as an input signal changes. Here is how the Samsung AU8000 compares to the TCL 5-series:

  • Both televisions are VA panels with narrow viewing angles
  • The Samsung AU8000 has a high response time that could lead to motion blur
  • TCL 5-series panels have gaming enhancements like VRR support, which the Samsung lacks
  • The TCL 5-series is brighter, with a more extensive color palette and better HDR support than the Samsung AU8000

QLED technology and gaming support put the 5-series ahead of the Samsung AU8000. Still, the price and performance of both televisions are comparable. Click here to read what others are saying about this TV.

3.     Hisense U6G

best budget 65-inch TV

The Hisense U6G is a budget display with excellent picture quality and a feature-rich Android TV interface. To put it another way, the Hisense U6G delivers maximum bang for your dollar.

The TV has a broad color palette that helps render life-like, high-fidelity colors. The 65-inch Hisense U6G is also bright enough to deliver brilliant HDR content while holding its own against bright light. Dark, velvety blacks allow the Hisense U6G to execute stark contrast and minute detail, even in dim scenes. These qualities make the 65-inch Hisense U6G an excellent choice for the movie buff who appreciates good cinematography.

The U6G also has excellent motion handling, thanks to its low input lag and pixels that are fast on their feet. This makes for smooth gameplay and minimal motion blur for fast action content. The Hisense U6G gives the TCL 5-series a run for its money, but VRR support keeps the TCL widescreen in the lead. Read what others are saying about this TV.

Best budget 65-inch TV: Final ranking

There’s a virtual tie between the 65-inch TCL 5-series and the 65-inch Hisense U6G. Still, excellent motion handling and gaming enhancements give the TCL widescreen a slight lead. This puts the Samsung AU8000 in the slot where the runner-up receives their medal.

Now compare the prices of the three widescreens to pick the best budget 65-inch for you. The resulting price-to-performance ratio will help you make an expert-level decision. Good luck.

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