Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV Review: Does This High-End TV Deliver A High-End Experience?

Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV review

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Here’s one thing we learned during our Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV Review. If you are in the market for a widescreen and a great viewing experience, you should check out the Samsung 65Q6FN QLED TV. At a diagonal length of 65 inches, this Smart TV can be an important addition to your home theater system.

With each product they craft and bring to market, Samsung strives to outdo itself. So let us take a closer look at the Samsung 65Q6FN to see if it is a smart TV they can be proud of.

Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV Review part 1: Unboxing the Samsung 65Q6FN and first looks

Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV review

The TV ships with a voice-enabled remote, a pair of TV stands, a power cable and a user manual.

You will love how this TV looks the moment you lift it out of the box. The display of the TV is framed with the thinnest of silver-coated metal bezels. The edges of the TV are actually less than a centimeter wide.

The back of the TV is covered in black plastic that has a textured surface. At the bottom of the back surface, you will see a set of cable tracks that run along the length of the TV. You can also run your cables through the slots on the back legs of the TV stand.

The inputs of the Samsung 65Q6FN are at the bottom of the TV, just above one end of the cable slots.

Inputs and connectivity

All the ports are housed on a left-facing panel on the left side of the TV. This arrangement leaves the rest of the back surface empty. The only other port at the back of the TV is a power jack.

The input panel houses two USB ports, an optical audio cable, four HDMI ports, an Ethernet port, an RS 232 connector and a coaxial input for an antenna or cable box.

The Samsung 65Q6FN has wireless adapters for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Smart TV interface

The 65Q6FN runs on Samsung’s Tizen interface, also known as Smart Hub. Save for some (pesky) animation, the interface is simple and easy to use. Now, these animations are put there to make the user experience more interesting, with mixed results.

The animations lag sometimes. Other times, their movements are choppy, which takes away from the overall user experience.

That said, the interface has all the content you could want. All you have to do is go to the Samsung app store and install whatever you like. There you will find the basics like Netflix, Amazon video and Hulu.

Samsung should get credit for keeping their app store well stocked. Amazon should aspire to their level.

Tizen comes with a voice assistant named Bixby, which you can command using the microphone button on the remote.

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Picture quality: Color and contrast

Because the Samsung 65Q6FN is a 4K display, you expect clear, detailed images. Images that make you feel as if you are watching the action unfold right in your living space instead of inside your TV. To a large extent, the 65Q6FN manages to deliver this level of picture quality.

For starters, the Samsung 65Q6FN QLED TV has a wide color spectrum that allows it to produce realistic, high-fidelity color. The TV also displays deep blacks that make brighter colors pop.

The high contrast ratio of this TV (around 6,000:1) allows you to enjoy sharp, well-defined and detailed images. Although the TV comes with local dimming, you will not need it. You can turn it off if you want; it will not really make the deep blacks any deeper.

Picture quality: Brightness and glare

The Samsung 65Q6FN is plenty bright. You can watch a game or your favorite show in a bright room and the picture will remain amazing. Depending on the viewing mode, the peak brightness of this TV ranges from 860 nits all the way down to 514 nits.

Though this TV can hold up against bright ambient light, you will notice a little bit of glare.

Picture quality: Viewing angle

A widescreen TV is more enjoyable when it allows for wide-angle viewing. The Samsung 65Q6FN does not. To experience the best picture quality, you need to face the screen directly.

If you start to move to the side, you will notice the colors slowly shifting. That would be a shame when you have a few people over for movie night. Especially after the great first impression the TV makes. We still have a bit more to cover for this Samsung 65Q6FN 65 Inch 4K Smart TV review.

Performance: Upscaling lower resolutions

The TV does a great job of displaying content that comes in resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p.

By playing around with the judder and blurring presets, you can activate frame interpolation for content with low refresh rates. In this way, the TV will adjust the frame rate upwards to a maximum of 120 frames per second.

This is also one of the ways that the Samsung 65Q6FN does motion handling like a boss.

Performance: Motion handling

If there is only one takeaway that you can get from the 65Q6FN, it should be its exquisite motion handling. You will enjoy fast-moving video and games with no perceptible blurring or image ghosting.

By activating frame interpolation, you will let the TV upscale your content. You can enjoy low frame-rate content that is free of stutter and judder.

Performance: Input Response time

Gamers will love the Samsung 65Q6FN for its picture quality, its motion handling and its super-low input lag. By setting the TV to gaming mode, you can enjoy a response time as low as 10 milliseconds with a 1080p video game that has a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

The low input lag also makes the 65Q6FN a great PC monitor.


  • The Samsung 65Q6FN has a beautiful design with allowances for cable management
  • Because of its lightning fast response times, this TV is a gamer’s dream
  • The 65Q6FN has great image quality as far as color, contrast and motion handling
  • The Tizen operating system allows access to lots of content from the Samsung app store


  • You cannot watch this TV from the side because the colors start to shift as you move from the center
  • The Smart TV interface has a number of animations that lag or move like they are doing the robot dance
  • The Smart TV interface will occasionally show ads and you cannot opt out

It is a great TV for gaming and general use

The 65Q6FN will make a beautiful addition to your space. You will enjoy the life-like video that comes out of the display. Your favorite action will be that much more engrossing thanks to the excellent motion handling of this TV.

The same goes for a football game or an intense video game. Apart from the lack of wide-angle viewing, the Samsung 65Q6FN is pretty great. Click here to learn more about this TV or to purchase one.



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