Samsung Freestyle Projector Review: Watch HD Pictures Anywhere

Samsung Freestyle Projector review

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Samsung Freestyle Projector review goes over the features and performance of this best-selling projector that allows you to turn any room into a movie theatre and a lot more. It uses sophisticated picture processing technology to deliver HDR detailed content.

Another cool feature we noticed during our Samsung Freestyle Projector review was the smart speaker built into the projector. It makes navigating through the wide selection of apps and setting drastically easier. No need to master some remote to operate this projector like a pro.

Samsung Freestyle Projector review: First thoughts

Samsung Freestyle Projector review

The Freestyle is Samsung’s latest addition to their projector lineup. The device comes in a small, portable package that makes it easier to transport from room to room or place to place. It’s small enough to fit into a backpack or purse.

It comes with a programmable ambient light source and a fully-functional smart speaker.

The Freestyle comes with a cylindrical chassis that looks like a tabletop light. Its exterior is covered with a soft, rubbery material that protects it against scrapes and bumps. The front side of the unit has touch-enabled controls that can be used to connect to your other smart devices, power the device on or off, and control the volume settings.

The Freestyle isn’t designed to be permanently installed in one part of the home. It’s designed to be portable so you can enjoy high-quality videos, pictures, and music anywhere you are. Feel like watching a movie off the back of your neighbor’s house (not that we recommend that), go for it. It can even mirror images being played on any Samsung TV, so you can project the big game somewhere in your backyard while you make BBQ for your guests.

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A USB-C cord powers Samsung’s Freestyle, and it runs for up to four hours on a full charge. This gives you various options as far as charging is concerned. You can charge it up with a car lighter adapter, power source, or laptop.

Some of the noteworthy features of the Freestyle include:

  • It delivers 1080p videos with about 250 ANSI lumens
  • It uses the same OS found in Samsung’s LED TVs
  • It supports voice assistants like Samsung Bixby and Amazon’s Alexa. You can disable the internal microphone for increased privacy if you prefer
  • It comes with Samsung TV Plus, which gives you access to free TV without any strings attached so you can project live TV and change channels just as you would do with a television
  • Samsung SmartThings app can be used to control the projector
  • 60 Hz refresh rate and a dedicated gaming mode
  • The 360-degree inbuilt speaker provides better audio than most projectors


  • Excellent aesthetics and a swiveling design
  • It comes with similar smart features you’d find in Samsung TVs
  • It comes with a wide variety of apps
  • Auto-leveling and fast focusing features improve picture quality
  • Great uniformity and sharpness
  • Doubles as a lamp
  • Extremely quiet when being used


  • It doesn’t deliver as much brightness as some of the other newly released projectors
  • No audio jack input
  • Not 4K compatible

Samsung Freestyle Projector review verdict: Gives you HD content on the go

The Freestyle gives you a nice mix of a long-lasting battery and sharp picture processing. It’s designed for portability and flexibility. Something that allows you to turn any part of your home or trips into a TV screen. Click here to learn more about this projector.

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