Mario Movie 2023 Review: Couldn’t Be More Nostalgic

Mario 2023 movie review

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Our Mario Movie 2023 review couldn’t have been more fun. Hollywood has gotten a lot better with video game adaptations in recent years with productions like HBO’s Last of Us and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 exceeding all expectations. It only makes sense that one of the biggest titles during the early days of gaming now gets a spot on the big screen.

Get ready 80s and 90s babies. The nostalgia is going to be through the roof as you read through our Mario Movie 2023 review. The opening of this movie feels a lot like Nintendo’s first attempt to go Hollywood with the Super Mario Bros released in 1993. Yeah, that was before smartphones and the internet, so it doesn’t really count. The movie starts with the Mario brother scrapping by in Brooklyn with their plumbing skills which inevitably leads them to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Movie 2023 Review

The opening scenes are the only things the new Mario movie has in common with the 1993 movie. The new Mario Bros movie relies heavily on source material gamers will be all too familiar with and places with lots of Easter eggs. The movie’s plot feels like a blend of Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey; two of the biggest titles in the 3D era of the franchise.

While in the bowels of Brooklyn, Luigi accidentally steps on a green pipe which transports them to the Mushroom Kingdom. The brothers are separated on their way down, and Mario vows to reunite them. That’s as much as we’re willing to give you as far as the story is concerned. What we can say is that the movie does an excellent job of bringing in some of the most iconic elements in the Mario Brothers franchise.

The Super Mario Bros movie is a stunning movie that transforms all the best parts of the franchise and marries them with modern cartoon aesthetics that doesn’t stray too far from the original Mario Brothers aesthetic created by Miyamoto. The movie also features an all-star cast that perfectly complements the animation. The movie is visually stunning and takes you back to the original Mario video games.

Mario 2023 movie review

As good as the actors playing Mario and Luigi are, Jack Black as Bowser and Anya Taylor’s portrayal of Princess Peach is award-worthy. Anya transforms the princess from a blank character who doesn’t do much besides needing to be rescued into a fierce character worthy of nobility.

Jack Black delivers the best portrayal of Bowser ever seen on screen, making him one of the funniest and most imposing villains in video games turned movies.

Mario 2023 movie review verdict: A must-watch for Nintendo players

There are times the Super Mario Bros feels rushed, but it delivers on what it set out to do for the most part. It’s a movie anyone who played the original Mario franchise will enjoy and an excellent way to bring the new generation in.  It continues the trend set by other well-adapted videogame properties that have been converted to movies and TV shows. It’s a fun film for people who love the original source material and children of all ages.

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