Is the Silent Sea Scary? Silent Sea Review

The Silent Sea review

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Our Silent Sea review tries to provide more insight into this Netflix drama for curious watchers who are yet to add it to their binge list. Marketed as a thriller, one of the questions on many viewers’ minds is whether this series is scary. The Silent Sea does have a few thrilling and even tense moments that will have you at the edge of your seat, but it also has quite a few quiet and emotional moments. 

The Silent Sea is a dystopian sci-fi series that will leave you thinking about the planet’s future, but it will not give you sleepless nights. The Silent Sea is not scary, but the series’ premise is quite alarming. 

The Silent Sea is a show about desperation and survival. It discusses the climate crisis and water scarcity, making it personal for audiences. Keep reading our Silent Sea review for more information on why this series hits all the right spots for sci-fi enthusiasts.

What is The Silent Sea About?

The best thrillers tap into our greatest fears, and the Silent Sea does this wonderfully by exploiting our fear of scarcity. In this case, desertification ravages the world, and water has become a scarce commodity. The best thrillers also tap into our fears of the unknown, which in this case involves a group of people traveling to an abandoned lunar base to retrieve an unknown sample that could save humanity. 

The Silent Sea is set in the not-so-distant future at a time when water is a luxury item due to the ongoing climate crisis. The South Korean government asks a crew to go to an abandoned lunar base to retrieve a mysterious sample that could help solve the water problem. This lunar base is empty after an accident killed the former crew.

The Silent Sea review

The series’ setting makes it perfect for a sci-fi thriller, as it captures the tag line from the 1979 film Alien that states, “In space, no one can hear you scream.” In the first episode, we learn that five years ago, a crew of 117 people died at the Balhae Lunar Station due to what was believed to be a radiation leak. Since water on earth is rationed based on a class system and the crew are likely to get more water when they complete the mission successfully, they have quite the incentive to travel to the lunar base.

The first scene is bound to leave you on the edge of your seat as the ship the crew traveled in is on the edge of a chasm on the moon. The first episode has a few crew members clinging on to life as the ship starts to slip into the chasm. The crew is 7.6 kilometers away from the lunar base, and oxygen deprivation is a real fear. These circumstances set the stage for a thrilling eight episodes.

Death comes early in this series as one of the crew members, Mr. Hwang, suffers injuries and runs out of water before getting to the lunar base. His death highlights just how dangerous this mission is for the crew members. Once they get to the lunar base, they come across the dead body of a man in the hallway. Though they had been informed that the crew that died five years earlier had been killed by radiation poisoning, the foam around the dead man’s mouth suggests that he may have drowned.

When Captain Han and his team reach the storage room, they find another stack of dead bodies. By the look of it, these people didn’t die of radiation poisoning either. This adds a lot of mystery to the series and leaves viewers curious for answers. By the end of the second episode, we begin to understand what may have killed the previous crew members. 

Does The Silent Sea have any scary scenes?

The deaths of Gisu and Soochan are pretty scary, as well as the shadowy figure that appears to be stalking the crew members. After getting infected, Soochan vomits a lot of water and essentially drowns from the inside out.

Gisu is pulled up to the ceiling by a shadowy figure that chokes him. This figure moves alarmingly fast and dodges a barrage of bullets. By the end of the fifth episode, we are introduced to a strange girl. Her name is Luna-073, and she has blood-stained clothes, her eyes blink horizontally, and her cheeks can open and close. It also appears that this girl is not affected by the lunar water that killed the previous crew members and Soochan.

However, the series becomes very mellow, and the audience becomes less fearful of the strange girl when Jian forms an unlikely friendship with her and is even able to put her to sleep in episode 7. It is revealed in the penultimate episode that the previous crew tested the lunar water on human clones and that this girl is the only one who survived. This revelation transforms our fear of this girl into sympathy and portrays her as a guinea pig and a victim.

In the last episode, Luna helps save Jian from certain death, and it is revealed that there might be something in her DNA that stops the lunar water from multiplying and drowning anyone who comes into contact with it. The series has a somewhat happy ending, as Dr. Hong, Luna-073, and Jian are able to get out of the lunar base and onto the surface. A spacecraft hovers above them and transports them to safety.

The Silent Sea review verdict: Is this series binge-worthy?

Based on our Silent Sea review, we can conclude that viewers who love action and thrillers should add it to their must-watch list. The series does get a bit slow in episodes six and seven, which can cause your attention to roam. The fact that the premise of this series places the fate of the world in the hands of the crew gives it an emotional and thrilling vibe, but the show itself is not scary.

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